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10/07/24 - The breakthrough in mouse models will allow researchers to study the human immune system in far greater detail at a far greater pace.
02/07/24 - A concise report featuring insights from the prominent though leaders of Immuno 2024.
17/06/24 - NHS England aims to match up to 10,000 cancer patients to suitable personalised cancer vaccine clinical trials by 2030.
10/06/24 - The predictive biomarker does not require multi-omic or screening data, but rather routine clinical features.
28/05/24 - H5N1 outbreaks in the US have mobilised pandemic preparedness mechanisms with stockpiling of avian flu vaccines.
15/05/24 - The project has found over 150 target candidates for solid brain tumour therapies.
14/05/24 - Epstein-Barr virus has been highly linked to over ten forms of cancer. This wide range of malignant implications means an expanded variety of target indications for the vaccine.

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Planned for November 2024 | Science Exchange

Progress and Prospects for Cancer Vaccines

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