The latest in immuno research, from the discovery & development of cell & antibody therapies through to omics-based approaches and clinical case studies

Autoimmunity & Immunology

First Patient Dosed with NK Cell Therapy for the Treatment of an Autoimmune Disease, Lupus Nephritis

The NK cell therapy is being trialled in combination with monoclonal antibody therapy and hopes to induce B-cell depletion.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Uncovering Mechanisms of Immunotherapy Response & Resistance with Single Cell & Spatial Multiomics

Discover how 10x Genomics' spatial technologies are revolutionising the study of immunotherapies in solid tumors
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Balancing Innovation and Ethics: The Role of Regulation in Microbiome-Based Precision Oncology

Microbiome-based precision oncology offers promising cancer treatment possibilities but requires clear regulations due to ethical concerns like patient safety and access. Collaboration among stakeholders is essential to balance innovation and ethics effectively.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Cancer Immunotherapy Novel Targets: The Forefront of Immuno-Oncology Research

Cancer Immunotherapy Novel Targets and Immunotherapy are being finely tuned to optimise efficacy and minimise side effects, gradually becoming a standard, perhaps even predominant, method in cancer management.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Antibody Therapies to Get Boost from Genmab and Argenx Partnership for Immunology and Oncology

The partnership aims to address unmet patient needs in the areas of immunology and cancer.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

AI Used to Detect Rare Autoimmune Eye Disease

The AI model, called VGG16, analysed CT scans of the eyes of patients and achieved an accuracy of 94.27%.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Canopy Biosciences: nCounter® Host Response Panel for Infectious Disease Research

Understanding the complex relationship between a pathogen and host response is important to developing effective vaccines and therapeutics to fight infectious disease.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

ChemPartner: Inflammation and Immunology

Specialize in primary immune cells with a full panel of assay format (in vitro and ex vivo) on cells from different species, providing multiple optional readouts.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Novel Targets and Studies in Immunology and Autoimmunity: Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy and Therapeutic Chaperones

Insights on antigen-specific immunotherapy and the immunomodulatory functions of therapeutic chaperones at Immuno UK 2022.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Exploring the Role of IFNa in Autoimmunity & Infection

On-Demand Webinar featuring Dr Darragh Duffy, LabEx Coordinator at Institut Pasteur
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Immunology: from Cancer to COVID

Our panel discussion brings together experts in immunology: discussing the key areas of autoimmunity, oncology, and COVID-19.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Treating Autoimmune Diseases: Past, Present, and Future

Bringing together the experts to discuss the timeline of autoimmune disease therapeutics.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Insights in Autoimmunity and Immunotherapy

Experts discuss elusively successful therapies and the rising costs that come with new technologies.
Autoimmunity & Immunology

Re-Educating the Immune System: a ‘Brave New World’ in Immunology

RevoloBio’s autoimmunity drug, ‘1805, breaks with the mould in its revolutionary approach. With success in a Phase II clinical trial, scientists wonder what’s around the corner for the field.

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