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Transformative Partnership: Ozette Technologies and Umoja Biopharma Join Forces for Preclinical Studies

The collaboration aims to expand access to immunotherapies and advance the field of CAR T cell therapy.

Ozette Technologies has announced a collaboration with Umoja Biopharma to enhance their preclinical immuno-oncology studies. Umoja will utilise Ozette's AI-powered single-cell technology to gain valuable insights for the development of off-the-shelf treatments for solid and hematologic cancers.

The collaboration focuses on leveraging the Ozette Platform to support research and development activities and assess biomarker endpoints in preclinical tumour-bearing, humanised mouse models. By employing these models, which simulate human immune responses, Umoja aims to evaluate potential therapies and treatment effects before advancing to human trials. This partnership holds the potential to accelerate Umoja's therapeutic program development.

"Our mission is to unlock the power of the immune system using computation and machine learning. As a result, we can quickly understand how the immune system is evolving and what that means for a therapy and a patient at the single-cell level," said Ali Ansary, CEO and Co-founder of Ozette.

He continued: "This collaboration with Umoja is an important opportunity to continue showcasing Ozette’s technology and innovative impact on the vast variety of therapeutic indications, including cutting-edge T-cell treatments."

Both Umoja and Ozette share a common goal of improving drug development efficiency and expanding access to immunotherapies through technological innovation. Ozette's tools ‘Endpoints’ and ‘Discovery’ will facilitate collaboration between multidisciplinary scientific and bioinformatic teams from both companies. This collaboration aims to extend the benefits of CAR T cell immunotherapy to patients in need.


Ryan Larson, Senior Vice President of Translational Science at Umoja, emphasised the value of the collaboration with Ozette in enhancing the analysis of preclinical data.

He said: “The Ozette Platform will allow us to efficiently distil complex biology, that traditionally relies on manual analysis, into actionable insights rapidly. Together, we’re able to gather a deeper and wider set of preclinical insights from our data which, in turn, allows us to increase the efficiency of developing our transformative therapeutics. We’re excited to expand our R&D efforts with Ozette on broader applications at Umoja."

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