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Immunotherapy (Non-Oncology)

Scientists Develop First Mouse Model with Complete & Functional Human Immune System

The breakthrough in mouse models will allow researchers to study the human immune system in far greater detail at a far greater pace.

Unlocking the Future of Immune Cancer Therapy

A concise report featuring insights from the prominent though leaders of Immuno 2024.
Cancer Vaccines

NHS Cancer Vaccine Launchpad to Give Thousands Access to Personalised Cancer Vaccines

NHS England aims to match up to 10,000 cancer patients to suitable personalised cancer vaccine clinical trials by 2030.
Biomarkers & Precision Medicine

AI-Enabled Predictive Biomarker for Patient Response to Immunotherapy Using Easy-to-Measure Features

The predictive biomarker does not require multi-omic or screening data, but rather routine clinical features.

H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreaks: Effect on Vaccines

H5N1 outbreaks in the US have mobilised pandemic preparedness mechanisms with stockpiling of avian flu vaccines.

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