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03/06/24 | Science Exchange

Target Identification for ADCs

• Therapeutic Modalities • Proteins & Antibodies • Biologics Analysis
  • Emerging strategies & novel approaches

  • Proteomic & bioinformatic technologies

  • Improving penetrability for solid tumours

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13/06/24 | Science Exchange

Immunogenicity Considerations for Biologics Development

• Biologics Analysis • Translational & Preclinical Development
  • New tools for immunogenicity profiling

  • Immunogenicity of new modalities

  • Implementing immunogenicity testing earlier in drug development pipelines

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01/11/24 | Science Exchange

Immunotherapies For Solid Tumour Targeting

• Therapeutic Modalities • Translational & Preclinical Development • Tumour Microenvironment • Proteins & Antibodies • Bispecifics
  • Challenges with targeting solid tumours

  • Approaches to activating immune response "cold" tumours

  • Therapeutic modalities currently in development showing promise in solid indications

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You can catch up on our past Immuno webinar recordings on our Resources page.