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Our Immuno Programmes

28 - 29 October 2024 | San Diego, CA

Immuno US 2024

Delivering advanced, commercially viable immunotherapies to meet unmet medical need

  • Gain insights into emerging immune-targeting modalities with the potential to transform patient care, including cell & gene therapies, therapeutic antibodies, vaccines & oncolytic viruses
  • Take a deep dive into translational & pre-clinical development with discussions on animal modelling techniques and screening strategies to assess safety and efficacy
  • Ensure your late stage development is set up for success. Streamline your route through the clinic with the successful implementation of effective trial design strategies, and ensure scalability of your product 

Agenda at a Glance

  • Day One | Track 1: Discovery & Validation of Novel Modalities – Therapeutic Antibodies, Oncolytic Viruses & Vaccines
  • Day One | Track 2: Biomarkers & Multi-Omics For Precision Oncology & Immunology
  • Day Two | Track 1: Discovery & Validation of Novel Modalities – Cell & Gene Therapy 
  • Day Two | Track 2: Designing Preclinical & Clinical Studies For Success

12 - 14 March 2025 | London, UK

Immuno 2025

A two-day event packed with leading speakers, research and cutting-edge presentations on the latest advancements in the discovery & development of cancer immunotherapies.

  • Gain a forward-looking perspective on the opportunities and challenges impacting market growth in immuno-oncology. Our congress brings together immuno-oncology experts across five tracks to provide a comprehensive look at the key trends in this industry, from therapeutic strategies and modelling through to the latest clinical data.
  • Discuss the latest innovations in novel targets & target validation in immuno-oncology. Presentations will delve into AI-based approaches for target identification & validation; new technological approaches such as screening and CRISPR and new modalities approaches.
  • Examine the latest challenges and technological innovations in preclinical development with discussions on animal modelling techniques and screening strategies along with key, preclinical considerations to drive successful entry into the clinical phase. 

Agenda at a Glance

10th Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology Congress

  • Day One | Track 1: Immunotherapy Strategies 
  • Day One | Track 2: Microbiome & the Gut-Immune Axis
  • Day One | Track 3: Discovery & Development: Cell & Gene and Combination Therapies 
  • Day One | Track 4: Biomarkers, Precision Medicine & Multi-Omics In Immuno-Oncology
  • Day One | Track 5: IO Clinical Trials: Design, Data-Management & Case Studies
  • Day Two | Track 1: New Clinical Development for Immunotherapies
  • Day Two | Track 2: Manufacturing Novel Products at Scale
  • Day Two | Track 3: Discovery & Development: Antibody Therapies
  • Day Two | Track 4: Predictive Models & Tools for Preclinical Evaluation and Translational Development 
  • Day Two | Track 5: Novel Targets in Immuno-oncology: Identification, Validation & Exploration