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Pre-Event Webinars

25 - 26 April 2024 | London, UK

Presented by expert speakers, our webinars will give you advance insight into topics that will be covered at the event.

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GPR65 Is A Critical Innate Immune Checkpoint In Tumour
Associated Macrophages

Wednesday 29 September 2021 | 15:00 - 16:00 BST

Presented by:
Barbara Cipriani, Head of Biology at Pathios Therapeutics

  •  Introduction to the pH sensing GPCR GPR65 as a genetically validated IO target
  • Discovery of a potent and selective GPR65 antagonist for “macrophage conditioning” in IO
  • Assessment of the effects of an orally administered GPR65 antagonist in a PDX model of clear cell renal carcinoma
  • TCGA and scRNA Seq data have been instrumental to uncover the role of GPR65 in tumour associated macrophages
  • Nanostring nCounter enabled rapid biomarker discovery both in vitro and in vivo
  • PDX models allowed the assessment of a human selective lead molecule

Barbara Cipriani, Head of Biology at Pathios Therapeutics

PhD in Immunology, she has over 17 years’ experience in drug discovery, gained first at MSD then at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

At MSD she worked on developing anti-cancer vaccines and immuno-oncology assets. At Vertex Pharmaceuticals she led immunology efforts in the areas of inflammation, autoimmunity and immuno-oncology and contributed to establishing in vitro disease models using human pluripotent stem cells. Prior to joining Pathios, Barbara had served as project leader, advancing programs related to rare CNS disorders and autoimmunity.

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