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Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing

Improving Control Strategies for Bioprocessing & Cell Culture

Discover advanced monitoring, environmental controls, mathematical models, PAT tools, and sensor technologies shaping the future of biopharmaceuticals
Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing

Accelerating Upstream Process Development with Direct CQA and Media Analysis Feedback

Upstream Bioprocess Development.
Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing

Process Development and Manufacturing Avenues for Gene Therapy Vectors

Hemant Dhamne, Head of Process Development of Gene Therapy at King's College London, discusses the process of viral vector production, the current and future manufacturing technologies, and challenges in the field.
Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing

Novel Technologies Advancing Downstream Bioprocessing

Tuhina Bhattacharya, Associate Director of CMC Biologics at Corbus Pharmaceuticals, leads a Discussion Group on the future of downstream bioprocessing technologies.
Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing

Upstream Bioprocessing

Amir Reza Goudarzi, former Engineering Head of UCB in Brussels, leads a discussion on ‘Upstream Bioprocessing.'
Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing

Future Directions for Accelerated Upstream Bioprocessing

Key opinion leaders from Novartis, Achilles Therapeutics, and AbbVie divulge their views on what's next for upstream bioprocessing.
Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing

Digital Twins: Upstream Processing Applications and Hybrid Models

This Commentary article investigates the potential applications of digital twins in refining the developmental timeline for drug substance development. Capturing and conserving the understanding from ongoing processes allows researchers to learn more about the intricacies of the developmental process more rapidly.

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