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Tissue Engineering & 3D Models

Putting Menopause on Hold: Could Ovarian Cryopreservation Prevent Menopause?

Ovarian cryopreservation could prolong fertility, paving the way for a breakthrough in women’s reproductive freedom
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models

The Seed and Soil Hypothesis for the Pathogenesis of Cancer Metastases

While the preferential spread of tumours to specific parts of the body has been acknowledged for over a century, more accurate understandings of preferential metastasis have developed with an awareness of tumour biology.
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models

Investigating Organoids and Spheroids as 3D Culture Systems

3D models like organoids, spheroids, and organ-on-chip systems recreate human organ architecture and physiology, aiding research, drug development, and disease modelling.
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models

3D Cell Model Approaches for Disease Monitoring and Detection

Given the widespread incidence of cancers and cardiovascular diseases, having sufficient means to model their behaviour is vital to the development of new treatments. Maintaining tissue contexts in disease modelling is crucial for developing a comprehensive understanding of how different diseases behave.
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models

3D Cell Cultures: From Disease Modelling to Toxicology

3D cell modelling can help develop understandings of disease pathologies, facilitating the investigation of how tissues react to certain treatments without causing undue harm or risk to the patients who need them.
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models

Cardiff University Builds Lego 3D Bioprinter Capable of Synthesising Human Skin, Makes Blueprints Open Access

Blueprints for the bioprinter have been made open-access, to ensure greater freedom of use with the device at a time when research funding is harder to come by.

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