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Cell Therapy Development

Cell Therapy for Solid Tumors: An Innovative Approach to Cancer Treatment

Cell therapy for solid tumours is an innovative cancer treatment that uses a patient's own immune cells or donor cells to fight cancer, but its effectiveness varies by tumour type and patient's immune system. Although it offers new hope, it poses risks such as cytokine release syndrome and neurotoxicity. Recent advancements have led to better targeting, combination therapies, and next-generation treatments, with future research aimed at improving safety, effectiveness, and accessibility, potentially revolutionising cancer care.
Cell Therapy Development

Advancing Melanoma Treatment: The FDA Gives Lifileucel The Greenlight in Historic Cell & Gene Therapy Breakthrough

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved lifileucel, a one-of-a-kind T-cell therapy developed by Iovance Biotherapeutics for treating melanoma.
Cell Therapy Development

Spotlight On: Lindsay Davies, Chief Scientific Officer of NextCell Pharma

We caught up with Lindsay Davies, Chief Scientific Officer of NextCell Pharma, to hear about to hear about the latest advancements in stromal cell therapy in anticipation of her presentation at our Cell & Gene 2024 Congress this November.
Cell Therapy Development

In Conversation With... Marta Barisa, Senior Research Fellow at UCL

Here, we speak to Marta Barisa, Senior Research Fellow at UCL, about switchable CAR-Ts and therapies for solid tumours.
Cell Therapy Development

Revolutionising Biomedicine: How AI Techniques and Applications enhance 3D Modeling in Cell & Gene Therapy and Drug Development

Discover the transformative role of AI in the world of biotechnology. Dive deep into its synergy with 3D modeling, revealing groundbreaking advancements in cell & gene therapy and faster, more efficient drug development cycles.
Cell Therapy Development

How Adaptimmune's T-Cell Therapy Development Pipeline Became a Commercialisation Success Story

Adaptimmune has developed from a strategic collaboration with GSK and embarked on a highly successful journey towards developing cancer immunotherapy treatments.
Cell Therapy Development

BrainStorm Hope to Mimic Biogen's Accelerated Approval of ALS Drug

The biotech company BrainStorm is seeking regulatory approval from the FDA for its cell therapy, NurOwn, which has been developed for the treatment of ALS.

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