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Cell Line Development & Engineering

UNIVERCell: Engineering Red Blood Cells for Targeted Therapy

Scarlet Therapeutics uses genetic manipulation of red blood cells to carry a higher load of therapeutic proteins to help treat rare metabolic diseases.
Cell Line Development & Engineering

Enhancing Gene Editing Efficiency: Multi-Tailed mRNA Integration in CRISPR-Cas9 Systems

A study conducted by the Broad Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) demonstrated that when multi-tailed mRNAs were integrated into a CRISPR-Cas9 system they proved to be more efficient gene editors than unmodified mRNA.
Cell Line Development & Engineering

Does Plate Choice Change Sampling Accuracy

Cell Line Development & Engineering

Experience the Next Generation in Clonality

Explore the future of single cell seeding.
Cell Line Development & Engineering

Cell Line Engineering

Oxford Global's Discussion Groups provide a focused networking opportunity for a handful of like-minded experts on a monthly basis. Our February Discussion Group addressing ‘Cell Line Engineering' was a tremendous success. The discussion brought together an exclusive panel of key opinion leaders to address the key factors behind the market's growth, its priorities, future outlook, and challenges.
Cell Line Development & Engineering

Cell Line Development with Advanced Cell Line Engineering

The need to demonstrate clonality for regulatory approval means that now more than ever, the industry must look towards streamlining and optimising clone selection efficacy. We sat down with senior representatives from Ichnos Sciences and Sanofi to learn how.

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