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Our Biomarkers Programmes

13 - 14 June 2024 | London, UK

Gene Therapy Development 2024

Join leaders at the forefront of gene therapy development, offering insights on navigating the latest advancements and challenges in gene therapy production.

Gain an end-to-end outlook on the entire journey of gene therapy development, with 5 tracks exploring the discovery, clinical trial, manufacturing, and commercialisation of gene therapies.

Tackle the latest challenges in our interactive sessions featuring panel discussions and roundtables, addressing pressing issues such as vector design, gene engineering, preparing for regulatory changes, and more

Benefit from real-world case studies presented by industry experts, including insights into how to navigate regulatory submission, as well as operationalising clinical trials

Acquire practical solutions to overcome obstacles in the development and production of gene therapies, with opportunities to meet with and hear from vendor companies

Agenda at a Glance

  • Day One | Track 1: Vector Development
  • Day One | Track 2: Gene Therapy Manufacturing & Supply Chain 
  • Day One | Track 3: Pre-clinical and Clinical Therapeutic Development
  • Day Two | Track 1: Gene Therapy Analytics
  • Day Two | Track 2: Emerging Targets and Gene Editing Tools and Strategies

06 - 08 November 2024 | London, UK

Cell & Gene 2024

Join our premier event to unlock the potential of the CGT value chain, from discovery and development to successful commercialisation

  • Delve into critical issues in cell culture, cell line development, and bioprocessing. Engage with presentations and interactive sessions aimed at translating research discoveries into safe and effective therapies for patients

  • Embark on a journey through CGT development and commercialisation. Explore the latest advancements and challenges presented by industry leaders across tracks covering clinical trial design, regulatory matters, and IP challenges

  • Fast-track your CGT manufacturing pipeline by connecting with and learning from innovators pushing the boundaries of therapy manufacture. Topics span from supply chain logistics to considerations between autologous and allogenic therapies.

Agenda at a Glance

13th Annual Cell Culture Congress

  • Day One & Day Two | Track 1: Cell Line Engineering & Development
  • Day One | Track 2 & Day 2 | Track 3: Cell Culture & Cell Therapies Quality Control & Analysis
  • Day Two | Track 2: Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing: Novel Technologies & Continuous Processing
  • Day Three | Track 1: Optimising Cell Culture Media

11th Annual Advanced Therapy Development Congress

  • Day One | Track 3: Gene Therapy Discovery & Development
  • Day One | Track 4: CGT Commercialisation
  • Day Two | Track 4: CGT Development
  • Day Three | Track 2: Preclinical CGT Assessments: Research & Development
  • Day Three | Track 3: CGT Clinical Development & Clinical Trial
  • Day Three | Track 4: iPSCs and Stem Cell Therapy Development

10th Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Congress

  • Day One | Track 5: Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Day Two | Track 5: Strategies for CGT Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Commercialisation 
  • Day Three | Track 5: CGT Manufacturing Technologies: Automation, Digitalisation & Scale-Up