06 - 08 November 2024 | London, UK

Williams Olughu

Principal Scientist
Williams Olughu
Dr Williams Olughu is currently a Principal Scientist of the Bioprocess Development group at Ipsen Biopharm. He is the Vice-Chair of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, Biochemical Engineering Special Interest Group, and an Editorial board member of the World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Williams received a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University, where he worked on a European Research Area Industrial Biotechnology (ERAIB) project. His technical leadership of the upstream fermentation and bioprocess analytical team at Ipsen Biopharm focuses on characterising, optimising and developing bioprocesses, scale-up/down, process intensification, PAT, in silico modelling, and exploring alternative platforms for the manufacture of biologics.


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