: Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

11th Annual
Advanced Therapy Development Congress06 - 08 November 2024 | London, UK

Organisations at the forefront of this field will present case studies on cutting-edge therapeutic innovations, clinical procedures, regulatory guidelines and commercial strategies to successfully bring to market transformative advanced therapies.

The Advanced Therapy Development Congress includes…

Over 400 cell & gene therapy, stem cell development, market access and regulatory attendees representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotechs and internationally renowned academic institutions.

Over 80 presentations and case studies focussed on the key strategies delivering advanced therapies into the clinic, from developing innovative targets to establishing clear regulatory guidelines

This Year's Agenda at a Glance

Day One

Day Two

  • Applications of gene therapy in clinical research
  • Discovery of gene therapy for rare disorders: blood, neurology & ophthalmology disorders
  • Gene therapy in personalised medicine & patient treatment
  • Proof-of-concept studies- Phase 1 & 2
  • Emerging targets & discovery in Gene Therapy
  • CRISPR tools, ZFNs, TALENS

Day Three

  • NK, TCR, Innate Killer Cell Therapies
  • Combination therapies for immunotherapeutic
  • Cell therapies for solid tumours & blood-based
  • Biomarkers for PK, safety & efficacy
  • Flow cytometry and analytical tools to better
    understand cell therapy products
  • Developing reliable and sensitive tools to optimise
    safety in cell therapies
  • Defining a clinical trial strategy for cell therapy
  • Delivering Stem Cell Therapies from discovery to the clinic
  • Stem cell discovery & development: Neurodegenerative & Cardiovascular diseases, paediatrics
  • The role of stem cell-derived disease models in drug discovery
  • Bioprinting & Biomaterials within stem cell therapy
  • Derivation, manipulation and characterisation of iPSCs
  • Strategies to control and optimise stem cell