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Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

ZERO Precision Medicine Programme Reports Outstanding Efficacy in High-Risk Paediatric Cancers

The first-of-its-kind trial presents a positive outlook for cancer types with historically poor survival rates.
Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

Hope for New Prognostic Biomarkers & Therapeutic Options From Tumour Metabolism-Targeting Breast Cancer Study

Understanding the interplay between the tumour microenvironment and immunometabolic states could unlock a wealth of therapeutic targets and biomarkers.
Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

Applications of Spatial Transcriptome Technologies for Monitoring the Molecular Mechanisms of Diseases

Spatial transcriptomics leverages omics techniques to extract transcriptome data while retaining the context of the original tissue, aiding disease research, biomarker development, and understandings of tissue structures and cellular heterogeneity.
Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

How Multiplexing Could Increase the Availability of Blood Biomarkers for Classifying Neurodegenerative Disorders

Recent studies have used multiplex blood biomarker information from patients to distinguish individual patient subgroups for neurodegenerative diseases, helping to stratify patients by their pathology.
Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

Diagnostic Biomarkers Identified Through Multi-Omic Approaches in Chronic Decline and Crohn’s Disease

Diagnostic biomarkers offer a crucial means of tracking disease spread and progression. Here, we explore their application in age-related diseases, as well as inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s.
Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

Biomarkers in Precision Medicine Approaches for Oncology: Overcoming Obstacles to Usage and Uptake 

Precision medicine involves tailoring a therapeutic to a patient’s disease: developing precision therapies require an accurate identification of therapeutic targets from available data.
Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

Clinical Biomarker Trends to Watch in 2023

The identification of novel clinical biomarkers is set to continue, with further research and investment in fields such as next-gen sequencing and miRNA targeting.
Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

Spatial Transcriptomics Services - Indivumed

Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

Current Status of Omics-Based Biomarkers

Anna Lyubetskaya, Senior Principal Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb, leads a discussion on the industry landscape and ‘Current Status of Omics-Based Biomarkers.’

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