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Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

ZERO Precision Medicine Programme Reports Outstanding Efficacy in High-Risk Paediatric Cancers

The first-of-its-kind trial presents a positive outlook for cancer types with historically poor survival rates.
Genomic Markers & Precision Medicine

Hope for New Prognostic Biomarkers & Therapeutic Options From Tumour Metabolism-Targeting Breast Cancer Study

Understanding the interplay between the tumour microenvironment and immunometabolic states could unlock a wealth of therapeutic targets and biomarkers.

New Zika-Specific Synthetic Biomarker Can Differentiate From Dengue Virus

A test that identifies Zika distinct from dengue could make a definite impact to expectant mothers and reproductive-age women that are at risk from the mosquito-borne disease.

Blood Test for Alzheimer's Granted Breakthrough Device Status by FDA

A blood test for the phosphorylated protein pTau-217 could be a critical step towards early diagnosis and screening of Alzheimer's disease.

New MND Early Diagnostic Test: a 'Game-Changer' for Research on the Disease

Detecting the aggregation of TDP-43 spells a new diagnostic tool for MND.
Biomarker Technologies

The Power of Real-World Data Analytics in Biomarker Discovery: A Game-Changer in Medical Research

Biomarker discovery in medical research traditionally relied on controlled trials. Now, Real-World Data Analytics offers a transformative approach, analyzing real-world patient data to identify new biomarkers and improve patient care.
Digital Biomarkers & Digital Pathology

Speech-Analysis Tool for the Early Detection of Alzheimer's Handed to Linus Health in Acquisition

Aural Analysis's Speech Vitals and Linus Health's expansion into linguistic analysis herald a promising era in early detection and treatment.
Biomarkers for Drug Discovery & Development

Abcam: Cancer Biomarkers Guide

Biomarkers for Drug Discovery & Development

Merck: Analyte Quarterly

Biomarkers for Drug Discovery & Development

SomaScan Assay Services

Biomarkers for Drug Discovery & Development

Complex biologies, intelligently simplified.

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