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New Zika-Specific Synthetic Biomarker Can Differentiate From Dengue Virus

A test that identifies Zika distinct from dengue could make a definite impact to expectant mothers and reproductive-age women that are at risk from the mosquito-borne disease.

Blood Test for Alzheimer's Granted Breakthrough Device Status by FDA

A blood test for the phosphorylated protein pTau-217 could be a critical step towards early diagnosis and screening of Alzheimer's disease.

Early Diagnostic Blood Biomarker for Dementia Identified Using Proteomics

The team hopes to develop the biomarker into a test that could be used in GP surgeries. Early prediction of dementia could be a gamechanger for new Alzheimer's therapies.

Investigating Biases in Diagnostics and Biomarkers: Three Case Studies

In the quest to improve diagnostics, new technologies are key, but so is overcoming entrenched bias.

Machine Learning Metabolomics Approach Used to Diagnose Ovarian Cancer

Researchers have used an artificial intelligence model to analyse the metabolites of patients with or without ovarian cancer and have reported shocking accuracy of diagnosis.

Using Biosensors for Biomarker Identification and Validation in Lung Cancer

Advancements in biosensors, notably graphene-based ones, show promise in swiftly identifying elusive lung cancer biomarkers, potentially revolutionising early diagnosis.

Dynamic Biomarkers for Deep Immune Phenotyping in Autoimmune Disease

On-Demand Webinar featuring Dr Mo Jain, Founder & CEO of Sapient & Dr Tanya Nguyen, Head of Scientific Operations of Sapient

A Wearable Ultrasound Patch for the Home Detection of Breast Cancer

Researchers from MIT have developed a wearable ultrasound patch that can image breast tissue, potentially facilitating the home detection of breast cancer. The patch can be attached a bra, and shows promise in detecting small cysts.

Plasma Biomarkers Show Promise in CNS Trials for Alzheimer's Disease

Proteins in the brain and plasma of individuals with sporadic Alzheimer’s disease are altered, supporting the hypothesis that plasma biomarkers have utility in predicting early onset in cognitively unimpaired populations.

ddPCR Approaches for Biomarker Detection and Analysis

The high sensitivity and specificity of ddPCR assays makes the approach well-suited for screening diseases and diagnosing cancer subtypes. Here, we explore some of the ways in which medical researchers are using the technology to pioneer detection of circulating biomarkers for liquid biopsies.

Blood-Based Biomarkers and Liquid Biopsies in Cancer Treatment: Precision Oncology Approaches and Strategies

Blood is a rich source for biomarker development, and CTCs are increasingly proving themselves to be valuable in cancer prognosis and treatment prediction.

High Sensitivity Phenotyping of Extracellular Vesicles by Customized, Single-Molecule Assays

On-Demand Webinar featuring Marina Cretich, Senior Researcher of the National Research Council of Italy at SCITEC-CNR

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