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Biomarker Discovery & Development

Almac: Biomarkers for Biotech

Biomarker Discovery & Development

Introducing SomaScan® 11K Assay

Biomarker Discovery & Development

2024 SomaLogic UK Research Grant Award

Biomarker Discovery & Development

Abcam: Progress happens together

Clinical Development

Unveiling the Essential Criteria for Validating Clinical Biomarkers: A Comprehensive Guide

Biomarkers by Oxford Global will explore the essential criteria for validating clinical biomarkers, shedding light on the steps and challenges involved.

Top R&D Stories of 2023

Through captivating articles, insight pieces, and spotlight interviews, we delve into the remarkable innovations, breakthroughs, and scientific marvels that have defined the landscape of research over the past year.
Diagnostic Development

Early Diagnostic Blood Biomarker for Dementia Identified Using Proteomics

The team hopes to develop the biomarker into a test that could be used in GP surgeries. Early prediction of dementia could be a gamechanger for new Alzheimer's therapies.

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