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Our Biomarkers Programmes

30 September - 01 October 2024 | Basel, Switzerland

Biomarkers Europe 2024

Gain insights into Biomarker approaches & accelerate timelines in drug development for oncology and immuno-related therapies

  • Acquire knowledge about how biomarker approaches are utilized in drug discovery and translational sciences for oncology and immuno-related therapies.
  • Explore how companies accelerate timelines and reduce risk in drug development. Presentations consider the latest applications of Biomarker Analysis – Multiplex Technology Application & Translational Research in oncology & Immunological disorders.
  • Showcasing the latest technologies and clinical studies in multi-cancer early detection and minimal residual disease testing
  • Learn from molecular characterization of tumour for targeted therapy selection

Agenda at a Glance

3rd Annual Biomarkers Europe Congress

  • Day One | Track 1: Biomarkers For Diagnostic Development & Clinical Development
  • Day One | Track 2: Identification, Qualification & Validation of Biomarkers in Translational Studies
  • Day Two: Data-Driven Approaches for Biomarker Analysis in Drug Development

2nd Annual Precision Oncology Europe Congress

  • Day One: Multi-Cancer Early Detection Techniques & Companion Diagnostics for Precision Oncology
  • Day Two: Digital Technologies For Advancing Biomarkers In The Clinic & Personalized Patient Treatments 

28 - 29 October 2024 | San Diego, CA

Biomarkers US 2024

Ensuring robust biomarker validation & identification to improve clinical outcomes, enable better diagnosis & facilitate precision medicine

  • Enable effective biomarker identification and characterization across multiple disease areas, including neuroscience, oncology & rare disease, to accelerate novel drug candidates to commercially successful products
  • Integrate multi-omic technologies into your workflows to drive the development of precision medicines, with discussion of spatial technologies, single cell analysis and AI-driven imaging
  • Gain novel insights into next-generation diagnostic tools in order to improve clinical outcomes. Further talks look at the implementation of companion diagnostics in drug development to enable therapeutic success

Agenda at a Glance

  • Day One | Track 1: Novel Biomarker Discovery, Identification & Characterization 
  • Day One | Track 2: Effective Clinical Biomarker Strategies
  • Day One | Track 3: Multi-Omics For Precision Medicine
  • Day Two | Track 1: Emerging Strategies For Biomarker Validation & Data Analysis
  • Day Two | Track 2: High-Quality Biospecimens in Clinical Development & Precision Medicine
  • Day Two | Track 3: Innovative Tools & Technologies For Next-Gen Diagnostics

12 - 14 February 2025 | London, UK

Biomarkers 2025

Europe’s flagship event for biomarkers technological innovation returns: advancing biomarkers in drug discovery, development, clinical trials and accelerating precision medicine

  • 3-day programme to hear from and share insights with key innovators from pharma and healthcare in biomarkers discovery, development, translational research, clinical trials & clinical development, precision medicine and diagnostic strategies 
  • Gain invaluable insights into the latest advancements in the integration of biomarkers in early drug development through unique case studies across multiple therapeutic areas. Key opinion leaders will be presenting on NASH, cardiovascular disease detection, rare & autoimmune diseases and oncology, immune-oncology & neuroscience 
  • Discover collaborative solutions for digital transformation, digital biomarkers and data-driven approaches. Presentations will cover digital biomarkers for disease detection and monitoring; integration of digital health technologies & devices, AI/ML approaches and RWE & biomarker data analysis 
  • Discuss the latest innovations in navigating regulatory barriers in clinical trials & CdX and complex biomarkers. From in vitro diagnostics regulations and quality environment for quality testing through to how regulators can support the development and adoption 
  • Tap into enabling precision medicine in diagnostics & development. Key opinion leaders will be covering developing nextgen diagnostics methods as well as case studies from oncology, autoimmune diseases and neuroscience  
  • A high-quality programme devised with the help of our esteemed advisory board & steering committee. Presentations will cover integrating multi-omics data, capturing complex clinical phenotype and cell & gene biomarkers as innovative approaches to treat rare diseases 

Agenda at a Glance

Day One: 

  • Track 1: Biomarkers for NASH, Cardiovascular Diseases Detection 
  • Track 2: Biomarkers for Rare & Autoimmune Disease 
  • Track 3: Digital Transformation & Digital Biomarkers & Data Science & AI/ML 
  • Track 4: Navigating Regulatory Barriers in Clinical Trials & CdX and Complex Biomarkers 

Day Two:

  • Track 1: Biomarkers Identification, Validation in Oncology, Immuno-Oncology & Immunology
  • Track 2: Enabling Precision Medicine for Diagnostics & Development 
  • Track 3: Biomarkers for Clinical Development 
  • Track 4: Spatial Tissue Imaging & Imaging and AI for Biomarker Research

Day Three:

  • Track 1: Biomarkers Identification & Validation: Neuroscience & Co-Morbidity 
  • Track 2: New & Emerging Biomarker Technologies for Biomarker Analysis 
  • Track 3: Biomarkers for Clinical Trials 
  • Track 4: Genomic & Multi-Omic Approaches in Biomarkers Discovery and Development