Biologics 2025

April 2025 | London, UK

Europe’s premier platform for facilitating partnerships and connecting leaders in the entire value chain of biologics research and development

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Explore Biologics 2025: Unlocking Future Insights in Biologics Research & Development

Join leaders, experts and researchers at Biologics 2025, connecting pharmaceutical & biotech representatives as well as academia for high-level discussions on the latest innovations in biologics discovery & development. Biologics 2025 features the co-location of Oxford Global’s flagship 18th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress, 12th Annual Peptides Congress, 4th Annual Oligonucleotides Congress and 3rd Annual Sustainability in Tides & Biologics Congress.

18th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress

Join leading scientific experts at our annual Proteins & Antibodies congress, addressing critical strategies and the latest technological advancements in antibody engineering, bioanalytical techniques as well as the latest case studies in the development of next-generation biotherapeutics.

  • New to 2025! Gain invaluable insights into novel strategies for cell line development & optimisation. Presentations will cover transposase mediated cell line generation, cell culturing techniques and advancing viral vector production through cell line development and engineering
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of downstream development for antibodies and Fc containing molecules. From Intensifying processes to improve productivity and reduce processing time, through to addressing protein aggregation challenges and single use technologies
  • Discuss the latest novel tools & technologies for the display of biologics. Key opinion leaders will be presenting on addressing difficult targets with display technologies as well as developing novel in vitro display technologies for antibody discovery & engineering
  • Take a deep dive into novel clinical development strategies through engaging presentations on selecting patient population, ADC clinical development, designing clinical trials to get the best proof of concept & insights into non-oncology indications
  • Tap into the latest in ADC optimisation to enhance therapeutic potential through exciting sessions on linker / payload technologies, conjugation strategies and more

Agenda at a Glance

Day 1 | Track 1: Novel Tools & Technologies for the Display of Proteins & Antibodies

Day 1 | Track 2: ADC Design, Validation & Optimization to Enhance Their Therapeutic Potential

Day 1 | Track 3: Analytical Development: Stability & In-Depth Characterisation Methods for Proteins & Antibodies

Day 1 | Track 4: Novel Strategies for Cell Line Development & Expression Optimisation

Day 2 | Track 1: Antibody Discovery & Engineering

Day 2 | Track 2: New Formats: Cytokines & Immunocytokines

Day 2 | Track 3: Emerging Analytical Techniques, Developability & Quality Control Systems

Day 2 | Track 4: Downstream Development for Antibodies and Fc Containing Molecules

Day 3 | Track 1: AI/ML-Guided Protein & Antibody Engineering

Day 3 | Track 2: NextGen Multi-Specifics, Cell Engagers & Other New Modalities

Day 3 | Track 3: Novel Strategies for Clinical Development

Day 3 | Track 4: Novel Protein Process Development: Protein Purification & Recombinant Protein Production

12th Annual Peptides Congress

Our annual peptides event will bring together key experts in peptide chemistry and therapeutic development. With the latest technological advancements pushing the industry forward, join us in London to network, debate and discuss the pressing challenges & future opportunities.

  • New to 2025! Discuss the latest innovations in peptide therapeutics analysis. Key opinion leaders will cover the latest advancements in mass spec methods such as de novo sequencing & quantitative proteomics; AI/ML for therapeutics analysis and peptide sequencing
  • Stay at the forefront of peptide therapeutics research & development with hearing about novel targeted delivery methods, advances in peptide design and characterisation updates
  • Discover the latest innovations in peptide chemistry including advanced computational methods and the implementation of AI/ML technologies

Agenda at a Glance

Day 1 | Track 5: Peptide Discovery

Day 2 | Track 5: Peptide Chemistry

Day 3 | Track 5: Peptide Therapeutics & Development

4th Annual Oligonucleotides Congress

Join key opinion leaders at this annual event, bringing about a new era of innovation in this field. Presentations will be covering computational approaches, methods & tools to oligonucleotide CMC as well as analytical control strategies for oligos.

  • New to 2025! Take a deep dive into oligo therapeutics analysis – from cell-based assay development through to improved computational methods, strategies & approaches including gene editors, CRISPR/CAS systems and guide RNA design
  • Discuss the latest therapeutic development success stories with thought-leaders presenting on immunogenicity considerations, progress to clinical trials and RNA targeting
  • Stay up-to-date with current advances in oligonucleotide delivery with presentations on nanoparticle technologies and conjugation strategies

Agenda at a Glance

Day 1 | Track 6: Oligo Discovery

Day 2 | Track 6: Oligo Chemistry & CMC

Day 3 | Track 6: Oligonucleotide Therapeutic Development & Optimisation

3rd Annual Sustainability in Tides & Biologics

Our Sustainability in Tides & Biologics Congress addresses an important and expanding area, providing insights into driving sustainable innovation across biologics research & development; from sustainable synthesis approaches through to green manufacturing and sustainable supply chain processes.

  • New to 2025! Immerse yourself in innovations pertaining to peptide & oligo green chemistry, manufacturing and sustainable supply chain development. Presentations will delve into sustainable engineering practices, advanced solvent recovery systems and ensuring supply chain continuity
  • Express your thoughts on the future of solvent recovery systems and implementation of new sustainable manufacturing technologies, as well as taking a look at green manufacturing regulations
  • Explore the latest methodology in sustainable drug formulations including the usage of green and renewable APIs

Agenda at a Glance

Day 1 | Track 7: Peptides & Oligo Green Chemistry

Day 2 | Track 7: Green Innovations in Peptide & Oligo Manufacturing

Day 3 | Track 7: Towards Sustainable Supply Chain Development & Commercialisation for Biologics

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Biologics 2024 has been one of the best events I have attended so far in my career.


Territorial Sales Manager UK,
ACROBiosystems Co., Ltd.

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The 1-2-1s are the best thing about Oxford Global events, well organised and good number of relevant contacts. Good high level contacts from big companies.


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Impressed by the effort to bring people together.


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What to Expect


leading pharma, biotech, healthcare & academic delegates

hours of presentations, discussions & interactive content
hours of networking breaks, including speed networking & refreshments
hours of pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings, facilitating business growth
What to Expect Engaging Thought Leadership-1
What to Expect Global Technological Showcase-1
What to Expect Networking Emphasis-1
What to Expect Innovative Poster Displays-1

Networking & knowledge-sharing is at the heart of what we do. Alongside the innovative programme, attendees can engage in a variety of event features and make the most of participation in a range of experiences

  • Engaging Thought Leadership

    Experience over 120 dynamic interactive discussions, C-level debates, collaborative roundtables, and thought-provoking presentations & innovation showcases curated with insights from top industry leaders and experts to benchmark your research & development pipeline
  • Global Technological Showcase

    An international & dynamic exhibition showcasing cutting-edge technologies and services from premier providers in the scientific field.
  • Networking Emphasis

    Unparalleled networking opportunities, including speed networking sessions, personalised 1-2-1 meetings, a vibrant drinks reception, and informal gatherings to foster meaningful connections.
  • Innovative Poster Displays & Awards Ceremony

    Inspiring poster displays and presentations unveiling the latest breakthroughs from emerging biotech, pharma, and start-up companies.

Key Themes for Biologics 2025

The 2025 programmes will delve into the entire value chain of bringing a biologics and tides-based drug onto the market. The Proteins & Antibodies Congress will take a deep dive into the the latest developments ranging from antibody discovery through to analytical & clinical development, new formats & nextgen therapeutics approaches. The co-located Peptides and Oligonucleotides conference programmes examine the discovery and innovative chemistry approaches for peptides and oligos as well as therapeutics development & optimisation. Via the Sustainability in Tides & Biologics Congress, key opinion leaders will address moving towards sustainable supply chain development & commercialisation for biologics. Furthermore, the events facilitate C-level panel discussions & roundtables pertaining to the latest biologics discovery & development case studies - ranging form the pivotal role of designing ADC drugs to enhance their therapeutic potential to novel strategies for upstream & downstream development. 

Companies Represented Include

Biotech Innovation & Collaboration

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs: Unleashing Innovation & Collaboration in Biologics Research & Development

Join engaging presentations featured in our innovation and collaboration track running across day 1 and 2, inspiring growth and creating space for collaboration opportunities for all who attend. The core attendee mix includes early-stage and emerging biotech or (academic) spinoff companies developing their own platforms or technologies with fewer than 30 employees.  

The Innovation & Collaboration track will be comprising of 10-minute presentations and focused panel discussion sessions, encouraging networking, facilitating collaborations & showcasing emerging innovations in biologics discovery & development.

Featuring Attendees from Biotech and/or (Academic) Spinoff Companies Interested In:  

  • Seeking collaboration partners with pharma and solution providers
  • Discovering new investment opportunities with pharma
  • Learning about the latest industry trends & challenges
  • Keeping updated with new innovations and technology solutions
  • Showcasing their company profile to a targeted and engaged audience

2025 Young Scientist Awards (YSA) for Best Poster Presentation

The Biologics Young Scientist Awards include the best poster presentation award and are intended to honour an outstanding individual performance for a scientific work by a PhD student, PostDoc or early career scientist.

Please submit your poster presentation by no later than 13th January 2025 in the below category:

  • Protein/Antibody Engineering
  • Bioanalysis & Characterisation
  • Next Generation Biotherapeutics
  • Peptides Chemistry & Therapeutics
  • Oligonucleotides Chemistry & Therapeutics
  • Sustainable Chemistry & Manufacturing
  • Student (PhD), PostDoc or early career scientist under 35 years of age. Proof must be provided via an active student ID card or a copy of status
  • Applicants must be the first AND presenting author of the submitted paper and register for the meeting by 13th January 2025
  • ONLY ONE YSA submission per person will be accepted. If authors submit multiple abstracts for consideration for the YSA, only one abstract will be taken into consideration for the YSA

Applicants must follow the procedure as follows: 

  • Register and submit an abstract by 13th January 2025 using the registration link to the left on this page 
  • Once registered you will be provided with the online abstract submission form 
  • Prepare the poster or platform and present it (The poster presenter should be at the poster during all breaks.) 
  • The 3 winners with the highest scores will be announced at the Networking Drinks on the second day of the event 
  • The winners’ 10-minute oral presentations will take place during the networking drinks on day 2 

The platform or poster presentation will be evaluated by senior scientists (consisting of our speaking and steering group committee for the Biomarkers series) on the basis of originality of the approach and quality of the work (e.g. appropriate methodology, interpretation of results, conclusiveness). All participants will receive the scoring and comments after the annual meeting via email.

The 3 winners receiving the highest scores will be announced at the Networking Drinks on the Day 2 and will be given a trophy as well as £1,000 contribution towards travel costs. Oxford Global will also provide winners with PLUS Pass – 12 months access to our content platform providing access to on-demand presentations, exclusive reports and highlights. 

For further information contact

Meet Our Expert Speakers

Biologics 2025 again brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative, data and industry outlooks.

Below are some of our featured speakers:

Eef Dirksen
Group Lead NBE Extended Characterization,
Fernando Albericio
Research professor,
Marta Amaral
Laboratory Head Engineered Antibodies and Protein Therapeutics,
Simon Krah
Associate Director,
Merck Healthcare KgaA
Stephen Miller
Principal Scientist,
Zahra Rattray
Senior Lecturer,
University of Strathclyde

All Speakers

Alastair Lawson
Vice President and Immunology Fellow,
Alexey Rak
Head of Bio Structure and Biophysics,
Andrew Slee
Chief Operating Officer,
Protagenic Therapeutics
Anna Hine
Professor of Protein Engineering,
Aston University
Bryce Nelson
Head Protein and Antibody Engineering,
Darko Skegro
Group Head,
Erik Vernet
Senior Director - External Partnerships,
Novo Nordisk
Hagen Cramer
Chief Production Officer,
Henry Maun
Associate Director,
Joël Richard
Chief Development Officer,
John de Kruif
Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President,
Merus NV
Jutta Eichler
Professor of Medicinal Chemistry,
University of Erlangen
Mattias Malm
Senior Scientist,
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Michal Shoshan
CEO and Founder,
metaLead Therapeutics AG
Paul Wassmann
Senior Principal Scientist,
Novartis AG
Prasad Wakchaure
Associate Principal Scientist (Oligonucleotide Chemistry),
Saul Martinez Montero
Senior Director, RNA Therapeutics,
Dyne Therapeutics
Stefan Zielonka
Director and Head of Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering,
Merck Healthcare KGaA & Technische Universität Darmstadt
Stefan Stahl
Royal Institute of Technology
Talip Ucar
Senior Director - AI Research,
Vladimir Gligorijevic
Senior Director of AI/ML,
Yi Yang
Principal Scientist,
Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S

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