: Proteins & Antibodies Congress

Proteins & Antibodies Congress

13 - 15 March 2024 | London, UK
17th Annual
Proteins & Antibodies Congress13 - 15 March 2024 | London, UK

Cutting edge discussions on accelerating protein & antibody engineering, advanced computational tools, bioanalysis, multi-specifics & other new modalities and cell engagers.  

The Proteins & Antibodies Congress includes...

Over 500 attendees representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions.

Over 40 case studies, presentations, panel debates, workshops & roundtable discussions focused on the key issues in protein & antibody engineering, computational tools, utilisation of AI/ML as well as updates from biologics characterisation, multi-specifics and cell engagers.

Gain invaluable insights into ADC design, bioconjugation, validation & optimisation to enhance their therapeutic potential. Presentations will cover linker / payload technologies to achieve better therapeutic index, tailoring ADC design to specific targets and immunostimulatory ADCs.

Our brand new Biologics Innovation & Collaboration Track featuring pioneering presentations from emerging biotechs and spin-off companies.

2024 Agenda at a Glance

Day One & Day Two

  • Innovative engineering approaches​
  • Developing new in vitro display technologies & humanized animal models​
  • Gene therapy and CRISPR for antibody engineering​
  • New formats: moving away from IgG formats​
  • Identifying antibodies to difficult targets: microfluidics​
  • Antibody glycosylation / glycol engineering​
  • Antibody Fc engineering
  • Novel strategies and methods to optimise the design of ADCs
  • Linker / payload technologies to achieve better therapeutic index
  • Overcoming toxicity challenges
  • Tailoring ADC design to specific targets
  • Maximising the efficacy of ADCs
  • Developing conjugation for ADCs & novel ADC targets​
  • Immunostimulatory ADCs
  • Emerging methods for biologics bioanalysis​
  • Addressing the challenges of antigenicity​
  • Immunogenicity & PKPD​
  • Characterization​ with:
    • Advanced chromatography techniques​
    • Mass spec​
    • Hybrid LCMS ​
    • Capillary electrophoresis​ (CE)
  • Multi-attribute methods for biopharmaceutical analysis​
  • Emerging methods for QC

Day Three

  • Innovative de novo antibody generation
  • Computational and analytical tools for protein engineering​
  • High-throughput & low-throughput methods: application of AI/ML & deep learning tools in antibody engineering​
  • Computational epitope mapping​
  • AI-driven structural prediction​
  • Use cases & prediction tools
  • Novel discovery & engineering platforms
  • Multi specific immune cell engagers​
  • Combination therapies​
  • Next generation multi-specifics​
  • Identifying & validating new targets; difficult targets​
  • Targeting complex membrane proteins​