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Unlocking the Future of Immune Cancer Therapy

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A concise report featuring insights from the prominent though leaders of Immuno 2024.

The future of cancer therapy will be highly influenced by the advancement of immunotherapies. Major growth is expected in the sector, with the immuno-oncology market expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.3% until 2030. Factors that are driving this growth include novel drug discovery techniques, a variety of new clinical trials, and an increasing movement toward precision and personalised approaches. 

Specifically, we are seeing somewhat of a resurgence in cancer vaccines. Thanks to the accelerated validation of mRNA technology from the pandemic, clinical trials are rolling-out of some of the first ever personalised cancer vaccines to patients. Furthermore, cell therapies like CAR T are also making strides by tackling their major challenge of battling solid tumours, providing another boost to the field.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of some of these recent advancements with presentations in the field of immunotherapy and cancer treatment, highlighting key research and developments from prominent scientists and pharmaceutical companies. The primary focus is on innovative approaches to cancer immunotherapy, particularly the optimization and safety of T cell engagers, bispecific antibodies, and cancer vaccines.

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