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Inhaled Drug Delivery

Investigating the Potential of Inhaled Biologics in Treating Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Positive results from Aileron Therapeutics' ongoing Phase Ib clinical trial gives hope to patients diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Beyond the Needle: Exploring the Potential of an Inhaled TB Vaccine

Research efforts aim to investigate whether an inhaled version of the tuberculosis (TB) vaccine, Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is more effective than the traditional intradermal method of delivery.
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Advancements in Inhaled Gene Therapy for Pulmonary Conditions

Delve into the specifics of inhaled gene therapy, its mechanisms, applications, and future prospects, it's essential to appreciate the foundational principles of gene therapy that paved the way for these advancements.
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Toward the Next Generation of Sustainable Inhalers

Millions use inhalers to treat pulmonary conditions in the UK. What is their environmental impact, and how can they be improved for a sustainable future?
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Breathing New Life into Treatment: The Revolutionary Promise of Inhaled Drug Delivery

Explore the groundbreaking advancements in inhaled drug delivery, a transformative approach that promises enhanced efficacy and patient convenience
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Why Inhalation Products Benefit from Patient-Centric Design

Inhalation products provide a patient-centric approach to delivering therapeutics directly to the lungs: with an estimated 800 million people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases worldwide, major potential for greater utility exists.
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Sir David Jack: a Titan of Inhaled Medicine

One of the pioneers of inhaled therapies, David Jack discovered countless drugs to treat asthma and similar conditions.
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Inhaled Biologics: Where Are We Now?

Inhaled biologics are being evaluated as an alternative to injections for treating rare and serious diseases. Experts touch on several challenges including making stable and safe formulations of inhaled biologics.
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Experts Investigate the Process and Formulation of Dry Powder Inhaled Drugs

Our Inhaled Therapeutics discussion group brought together key experts in the field of dry powder formulation to discuss their research into both formulation and process.
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Optimising Patient Centric Design for Inhaled Products

Our expert panel discuss the process of ensuring that inhalation devices are not burdensome to use.
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Patient First: The Necessity of Patient-Centric Product Design for Enhanced Pulmonary Drug Delivery

When designing drug-delivery devices, the patient must be at the centre of the development process. Nélio Drumond of Takeda Pharmaceuticals discusses how this patient-centric approach allows the design to maximise efficiency and efficacy.
Inhaled Drug Delivery

Inhalation and Nasal Development and Manufacturing Services

Recipharm offers inhalation and nasal product development services in compliance with regulatory guidelines from the ICH, EMA and FDA.

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