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Drug Delivery

Novel Nanorobots Pave the Way for Cancer Treatment

A preclinical study conducted by a team of scientists at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia highlights the therapeutic potential of nanorobots in bladder cancer treatment.
Drug Delivery

Sangamo Therapeutics Engineers a State-Of-The-Art Capsid, Revolutionising Drug Delivery

Sangamo Therapeutics developed a novel capsid that achieved outstanding results in a preclinical study, this could have significant implications for treating neurological disorders.
Drug Delivery

Next-Generation Cancer Treatment Shows Promising Results: CRB-701 Hits Milestones in First-In-Human Study

With ongoing dose escalation and expansion, CRB-701 holds promise as a next-generation treatment for patients battling advanced cancers.
Drug Delivery

Bath University Develops Microneedle Skin Patch for Painless Drug Delivery

The microneedle drug delivery skin patch is made of hydrogel, making it cheap and sustainable to produce.
Drug Delivery

Serina Therapeutics Licences Small Molecule Continuous Delivery Technology to Pfizer

Serina Therapeutics licences their continuous drug delivery platform to Pfizer, which includes lipid nanoparticle delivery systems.
Drug Delivery

Exploring the Pinnacle of Pharmaceutical Innovation: Latest Advancements in Small Molecule Drug Formulation

Advancements in Small Molecule Drug Formulation has witnessed remarkable progress in recent years including nanotechnology and new improved drug delivery systems.
Drug Delivery

The Utility of Nanoparticles in Tissue-Targeted Drug Delivery

Nanoparticles play a crucial role in tissue-targeted drug delivery, enabling the concentration of therapeutic agents at specific sites while minimising off-target events. Here, we explore some of their potential applications in drugging bone marrow and brain tissue.
Drug Delivery

Novel Delivery Systems: Oral Films for Patient-Centric Care

The team is now working on commercializing the technology through their start-up PharLyfe+.
Drug Delivery

Nanoscale 3D Printing Unleashed: The Path to Personalized Medicine and 4D Innovation

The sintering process in nanoscale 3D printing has paved the way for 4D printing, allowing devices printed in 3D to undergo transformational deformation in response to stimuli.
Drug Delivery

Rani Strengthens Partnership with Celltrion to Develop Adalimumab (Humira) Biosimilar

The collaboration will focus on RT-105, an orally administered biosimilar for adalimumab, an anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibody used to treat autoimmune diseases.
Drug Delivery

Celanese Announces Agreement with Glaukos Corporation for Sustained Release Glaucoma Treatment

Celanese to Supply VitalDose® Drug Delivery Platform for Glaukos’ Investigational iDose® TR Intraocular Implant.

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