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Almac: Pharmaceutical Development

Specialising in solid oral dose formulations, 300,000ft² of drug product development footprint, multiple containment strategies for highly potent materials.

Aptar Pharma: Reliable Development, Reliable Effect

Aptar Pharma’s range of UDS (Unidose system) systems, particularly the UDS powder, is a proven, ready-to-use platform, providing a precise single dose via the nose quickly and easily.

Cell and Gene Therapies Analytical Development Services

CMC development support, characterisation, stability and quality control services.

Inhaled & Intranasal Biologic Drug Development

Contract drug development expertise to accelerate your inhaled biomolecule to market.

Intertek Biopharmaceutical Services

To meet your development milestones and comply with regulatory requirements, you will need high quality bioanalytical and analytical data to aid informed decision-making and identify sources of risk.

Intertek: GMP & CMC Laboratory Services

Stability programs are a fundamental component of pharmaceutical product development, playing an essential role across the lifecycle of pharmaceutical products.

Intertek: Support for Small & Large Molecules Across All Respiratory Delivery Technology Platforms

30+ years of experience inhaled and nasal product development.

mRNA Vaccine and Therapeutic Products Analytical Development Services

CMC development support, characterisation, stability, and quality control services.

Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Product (OINDP) Development and Testing

Support for Metered Dose Inhalers, Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs), Nasal sprays and other classes of OINDP.

Pharmaceutical Bioanalysis Services

Bioanalytical Expertise from Preclinical to Commercialisation

Pharmaceutical Services Laboratory & Assurance Solutions

Across your product lifecycle, our expertise brings you the insight you need to accelerate pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical or medical device product development.

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