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Enhancing Drug Stability & Exploring Novel Formulation Strategies

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A Concise Report Featuring Insights From The Prominent Thought Leaders Of Formulation & Delivery UK 2024

The pharmaceutical sector is undergoing rapid change due to continuous innovation and unprecedented technological growth. Research into new therapies and improved treatment modalities are highly encouraging. The global drug formulation market was estimated to be valued at $1.64 trillion USD in 2022 and it is estimated to be worth $2.95 trillion USD by 2032, with an impressive CAGR of 6.05% during the forecast period.

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This market report explores three key themes that encapsulate the milestones and challenges within drug formulation and delivery:

  • Innovative Drug Delivery Systems
  • Challenges & Opportunities in Drug Manufacturing and Stability
  • Computational and Mechanistic Modelling in Drug Development
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