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Targeted Protein Degradation

From Screening to Success: How Molecular 'Super-Glue' SJ3149, Could Advance Cancer Treatments

Researchers at St Jude Children's Research Hospital used high throughput screening (HTS) to identify SJ3149, a molecular glue degrader. This small molecule demonstrated efficacy across a range of cancer types.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Targeting Novel E3 Ubiquitin Ligases: Carles Galdeano, Professor, University of Barcelona

We discuss working on PROTACs, targeting novel E3 ubiquitin ligases, and Dr Galdeano's spin out Oniria Therapeutics.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Talking TPD with Ben Cross, CTO and Head of Platform at PhoreMost

Delving into PhoreMost's role in targeted protein degradation, the innovation behind the SITESEEKER platform, and the challenges and breakthroughs in the dynamic field of drug discovery.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Challenges and Opportunities in Targeted Protein Degradation: Current and Future Strategies

Discussing the challenges and strategies in targeted protein degradation (TPD), a promising therapeutic modality with the potential to drug difficult or "undruggable" protein targets.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Interview with Yusuke Tominari, Co founder and CEO of Fimecs

Yusuke will be giving a keynote presentation at Discovery Europe 2023 titled 'Targeted Protein Degradation And Addressing Undruggable Targets'.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Interview with Felix Hausch, Professor for Structure Based Drug Research at TU Darmstadt

Felix will deliver his presentation 'Clues for Molecular Glues' at Drug Discovery Europe 2023.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Drugging the Undruggable: Targeted Protein Degradation

Using the body's mechanisms to degrade proteins not amenable to traditional small molecule approaches, offering the potential to "drug the undruggable" and permanently destroy target proteins.
Targeted Protein Degradation

The Bioavailability of Oral PROTAC Molecules for ER+ Breast Cancer

Thomas Hayhow, Associate Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca presents his company’s efforts in delivering PROTACs orally.
Targeted Protein Degradation

PROTACs: “Exciting Opportunities to Explore New Biology”

A Senior Director at AstraZeneca takes us through how the company synthesises and validates novel PROTACs.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Getting PROTACs into the Clinic: The Challenges

Oxford Global’s protein degradation panel discussion brought together leading experts in the field to talk about bringing PROTACs to clinical trial endpoints.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Next-Generation Targeted Protein Degradation: Beyond the Usual E3 Ligases

During Discovery Week 2021, Ian Churcher (Chief Scientific Officer at Amphista Therapeutics Limited) gave a fascinating presentation on recent advancements and novel approaches in protein degradation. This article provides a condensed overview of the key topics covered.
Targeted Protein Degradation

Protein Degradation – Discussion Group Report

Progress in protein degradation has accelerated in the past few years, and 2021 saw several breakthroughs. Efforts to target STAT3, however, have proven to be especially challenging.

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