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Building Partnerships & Fostering An Inter-Disciplinary Approach In The Fight Against Anti-Microbial Resistance

This article outlines two examples of partnerships that aim to tackle the global issue of anti-microbial resistance. This overlooked yet prominent threat continues to pose challenges for scientists, policymakers, and governments.
Drug Discovery

Advancing Drug Discovery Through Innovative Technologies & Strategic Collaboration

A Concise Report Featuring Insights From The Prominent Thought Leaders Of Discovery & Automate 2024
Organ Modelling

Paving the Way For Animal Free Models by Leveraging 3D Cell Culture, Organoids & Organ Modelling

A Concise Report Featuring Insights From The Prominent Thought Leaders Of 3D Cell Culture & Organ Modelling 2024
Drug Discovery

Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month Spotlight: How Amphista Therapeutics is Tackling Neurological Disorders

To honour Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month, this article will acknowledge Amphista Therapeutics' use of targeted protein degradation (TPD) to treat symptoms of neurological disorders.
Chemical Biology

New Class of Molecular Glues Could Reshape Cancer Drug Discovery

A research group at the University of Dundee discovered new molecular glues, expanding the targeted protein degradation field.
Target Discovery

Advancing Cervical Cancer Treatment: FDA Approves Roche's New Self-Collection Option for HPV Testing

The FDA approves a new self-collection test to detect human papillomavirus and identify women at risk for cervical cancer.
Molecular Drug Design

New Trailblazer Profluent Launches its AI-enabled OpenCRISPR-1 to Edit the Human Genome

Profluent successfully combined large language models (LLMs) and CRISPR for an open-source AI gene editing project which could reshape CRISPR treatment options.

Beyond Traditional Therapeutics: How Digital Therapeutics Reshape Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Treatments

Two case studies show how digital therapeutics can potentially treat neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions, areas where conventional therapeutics have encountered obstacles.
Chemical Biology

From Screening to Success: How Molecular 'Super-Glue' SJ3149, Could Advance Cancer Treatments

Researchers at St Jude Children's Research Hospital used high throughput screening (HTS) to identify SJ3149, a molecular glue degrader. This small molecule demonstrated efficacy across a range of cancer types.

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