The latest in drug discovery, from novel targets and screening tools through to automation and computational chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

Biophysical Tools for the Design and Development of PROTACs

Protein degradation has emerged as a promising new field of therapeutics. What are biophysical tools are employed for the characterisation of these drugs?
Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

RNA Interference: Looking Back at the 2006 Nobel Prize

Fire and Mello’s research has unlocked a powerful new therapeutic technology: silencing genes with siRNA.
Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

Automation Experts Discuss New Platform for Synthesis in Organic Chemistry

Our Discussion Group featured expert conversation on automation and synthesis from software to hardware, key challenges, and end goals.
Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

Mcule: Compound Sourcing Expert

Mcule is a leading chemical marketplace for drug discovery where you can order small-molecule samples from a high-quality database. We acquire the compounds from the manufacturers and deliver them in a consolidated package, in the format specified by you
Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

Bicycle Therapeutics Publishes Preclinical Data from Nectin-4 Targeting Cancer Drug

A paper published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry highlights Cambridge, UK based biotech, Bicycle Therapeutics’ findings regarding bicycle toxin conjugate, BT8009.
Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

Shooting for the StaRs: Stabilising GPCRs and Mapping Their Structure

Japanese-UK biotech Sosei Heptares are tackling the problem of stabilising GPCR structures with a view toward novel drug discovery endpoints.
Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

Interview with Andrew Robertson, Vice President, Head of Global Regulatory Policy and Innovation at Takeda

Andrew Robertson, Vice President, Head of Global Regulatory Policy and Innovation at Takeda, talks about working with regulators and the current regulatory paradigm.
Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

PeproTech: Price List

Helping unlock the promise of Cellular Therapies and Regenerative Medicines

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