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Our Biomarkers Programmes

22 - 23 May 2024 | Basel, Switzerland

Discovery Europe 2024

Together with Neuroscience Drug Development Europe, attendees especially benefit from a 2-day event addressing emerging strategies for the drug development of neuroscience.

  • The 2-day programme addresses drug discovery in new modalities such as protein degradation, and case studies on the integration of screening approaches in phenotypic and genomics-based discovery, Organ-on-a-chip and 3D modelling.
  • Examine the latest advancements and emerging trends in developing neurological treatments, including targeted approaches and novel strategies. 
  • Learn about key focus areas in drug design including AI in drug design: in chemical synthesis, target ID capabilities & lead identification/optimisation.

Agenda at a Glance

22nd Annual Drug Discovery Summit & Discovery Chemistry Europe Congress

  • Workshop 1: Organ Modelling
  • Workshop 2: Targeted Protein Degradation
  • Workshop 3: Automation or AI in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design

Drug Discovery Summit

  • Day One, Track 1: Identification And Validation Of Novel Targets For Next Generation
  • Day One, Track 2: Animal And Disease Modelling, Organoid And Organ On The Chip Based Discovery
  • Day One, Track 3: Discovery on Target – Screening and Genomic Strategies
  • Day Two, Track 1: Phenotypic & Target Based Discovery Approaches

Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Summit

  • Day One, Track 1: Computational Drug Design: AI In Chemical Synthesis, Target ID
    Capabilities, Lead Identification, Lead Optimisation, Measuring PK/PD & Prediction
  • Day Two, Track 2: Hit Finding Technologies And Advancements
  • Day Two, Track 3, Part 1: Automation And Synthesis In Organic Chemistry
  • Day Two, Track 3, Part 2: Molecular Drug Design And Med Chem: Innovations
    In Fragment & Structured Based Drug Discovery

5th Annual Neuroscience Drug Development Europe Congress

  • Day One, Track 1: Drug Discovery For Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Day Two, Track 1: Therapeutic Strategies, Enabling Technologies & Biomarker Development

22 - 23 May 2024 | Basel, Switzerland

Automate Europe 2024

Empowering tomorrow's innovations in digitalization, mobile robotics and Smartlabs.

  • The 2-day programme features the innovation and advancement in mobile robot technology and applications, and competitive advantages that can be gained in drug development and pharma manufacturing, automation and logistics.
  • Learn about key focus areas in developments in the automation & digitisation of QA/QC labs, accelerating digital transformation, lab robotics & tools for drug discovery workflows, robotic, process automation and implementing AI/ML in the lab.

Agenda at a Glance

  • Day One, Track 1: Bridging The Gap Between Automation & Digitalisation through FAIR & Digital Transformation 
  • Day One, Track 2: Smart Manufacturing & Digitisation Optimisation
  • Day One, Track 3: Mobile Robotics In R&D Laboratories
  • Day Two, Track 1: Automation with AI/ML & Robotics Tools in Drug Discovery & Development 
  • Day Two, Track 2: Data-Driven Modelling & Data Analytics for Drug Discovery & Development 

19 - 20 November 2024 | Boston, MA

Discovery US 2024

Connecting experts in biology & chemistry to advance small molecule drug discovery

  • Benefit from our revamped programme for 2024, designed to provide in-depth discussion of the key technologies, modalities & platforms transforming small molecule drug discovery  
  • Discover emerging drug targets beyond the rule of five, from Induced Proximity & Molecular Glues through to siRNAs and orally-available peptides, with case studies on the chemical & biological considerations of developing these complex molecules
  • Enable your lab to operate at peak productivity. Maximize your R&D capabilities with integration of advanced robotics & automation, as well as utilizing AI to augment your drug development

Agenda at a Glance

  • Day One, Track 1: Novel Targets Beyond The Rule Of Five: Degraders, Glues & Induced Proximity
  • Day One, Track 2: Innovative Technologies For Hit Identification & Screening 
  • Day One, Track 3: Novel Models For ADME-Tox Research & Disease Modelling
  • Day One, Track 4: Augmenting R&D With AI
  • Day Two, Track 1: Novel Targets Beyond The Rule Of Five: siRNAs, Radioligands, Peptides & Macrocycles
  • Day Two, Track 2: Computational & Medicinal Chemistry
  • Day Two, Track 3: Genomics-Driven Drug Discovery & Bioinformatics
  • Day Two, Track 4: Improving Lab Productivity With Robotics & Automation