: Drug Discovery Summit & Discovery Chemistry US Congress

Drug Discovery Summit & Discovery Chemistry US Congress

November 2024 | Boston, USA
3rd Annual
Drug Discovery Summit & Discovery Chemistry US CongressNovember 2024 | Boston, USA

The 2-day programme addresses drug discovery in new
modalities such as protein degradation, and case studies on the integration of screening approaches in phenotypic and genomics – based discovery, Organ-on-a-chip and 3D modelling.

The 3rd Annual Drug Discovery Summit & Discovery Chemistry US Congress includes…

  • Explore the latest advancements in phenotypic and target-based discovery, chemical biology as well as drug design
  • Bringing together leading experts in the fields of organoid
    discovery, phenotypic screening, targeted protein degradation, AI computational drug design and lead optimisation
  • Fostering collaboration for industry leaders through interactive discussions, knowledge-sharing, and focused networking

This Year's Agenda at a Glance

Pre-Event Workshops

Workshop 1: Organ Modelling
Workshop 2: Targeted Protein Degradation
Workshop 3: Automation or AI in Medicinal Chemistry and
Drug Design

Drug Discovery Summit

Track 1: Identification And Validation Of Novel Targets For Next Generation

Track 2: Animal And Disease Modelling, Organoid And Organ On The Chip Based Discovery

Track 3: Discovery on Target – Screening and Genomic Strategies

Track 1: Phenotypic & Target Based Discovery Approaches

Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Summit

Track 1: Computational Drug Design: AI In Chemical Synthesis, Target ID
Capabilities, Lead Identification, Lead Optimisation, Measuring PK/PD &

Track 2: Hit Finding Technologies And Advancements

Track 3, Part I: Automation And Synthesis In Organic Chemistry

Track 3, Part II: Molecular Drug Design And Med Chem: Innovations
In Fragment & Structured Based Drug Discovery