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Accelerate Protein Screening by Sequencing Protein Barcodes on Platinum®

On-demand webinar presented by Joel McDade, PhD, Sr. Commercial Business Development Manager, Quantum-Si and Bonnie Lun, PhD, Field Application Scientist. Sponsored by Quantum Si.

Screening protein variants of interest is an essential step when studying mechanism of disease or developing novel biotherapeutics. Current screening methods require either back-to-back design-build-test cycles or large arrayed screens using automation, which can lead to lengthy assay timelines, technical challenges, unwanted variability and unnecessary cost. Furthermore, traditional phage-display or yeast-display methods may not be optimal for certain proteins of interest due to size or structure of the proteins. Pooled screening can circumvent many of these limitations, but de facto standard DNA-based barcodes cannot be used to screen for certain phenotypes. As such, there is significant interest in the use of protein barcodes to screen protein variants.

Quantum-Si has recently developed a scalable method for using protein barcodes to identify specific proteins with desirable characteristics by sequencing highly distinguishable peptides on the benchtop protein sequencing platform, Platinum. Briefly, unique peptides are associated with each protein and cleaved from the protein after enrichment and selection for the proteins of interest. The peptides are then functionalized and immobilized on a semiconductor chip and sequenced by Platinum with single amino acid resolution.

This webinar reviews the current state of protein screening approaches, introduce the Platinum protein sequencing workflow and highlight how this technology can simplify and accelerate a variety of screening workflows through the use of highly distinguishable protein barcodes.

Key Learning Points/Takeaways:

  1. Review of Quantum-Si’s Platinum protein sequencing technology

  2. Introduction to protein barcoding on Platinum

  3. How protein barcoding simplifies and accelerates protein screening across a wide variety of applications

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