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Planned for September 2024 | Science Exchange

Overcoming The Challenges Of Multi-Omics Data Integration

• AI • Machine Learning & Computational Drug Design
  • Inferring gene expression from different sequencing datasets
  • Normalizing data at the same level for integration
  • Combining spatial & sequencing based data
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Planned for September 2024 | Science Exchange

Single Cell Analysis in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery & Development

• Single Cell Analysis
  • Current utilisation of single cell analysis: target identification, target validation, bulk data merging
  • Characterisation of phenotypic screening assays
  • Analysis of perturbational single cell data
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Planned for September 2024 | Science Exchange

Bringing CRISPR/Cas9 Approaches To The Clinic: The Example Of Beta-Hemoglobinopathies

• Genome Editing

Presented by Annarita Miccio, Lab Director, Imagine Institute of Genetic Diseases Panellist: John Zuris, Director - Editing Technologies, Editas Medicine

  • Challenges faced when bring CRISPR to the clinic

  • Sickle cell disease & beta-thalassemia

  • Utilising CRISPR beyond beta-hemoglobinopathies: where next?

  • Alternative approaches to CRISPR

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Planned for October 2024 | Science Exchange

Using ddPCR for Minimal Residual Disease Detection in Cancer

• Digital PCR
  • Multiplex droplet digital PCR
  • Examples of use in paediatric & adult cancers
  • ctDNA as a diagnostic biomarker
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Planned for November 2024 | Science Exchange

Analysis of Omics Data via Machine Learning and AI

• AI • Machine Learning & Computational Drug Design • Spatial Biology
  • Therapeutic applications in personalised treatment
  • Persisting challenges in utilising AI/ML in Multi-Omics
  • Updates on current landscape
  • Integrating ML/ AI in Single Cell Analysis
  • Analysis of multiple omics-types
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