NextGen Omics 2024

23 - 25 October 2024 | London, UK

NextGen Omics 2024 features 4 outstanding programmes, bringing together Europe’s most successful omics research experts under one roof.

Overview Next Generation Sequencing & Clinical Diagnostics Single Cell Analysis Digital PCR CRISPR-based Medicine

Explore NextGen Omics 2024: Unlocking Future Insights in Multi-Omics Research

Join 700+ leaders, experts and researchers at our flagship NextGen Omics 2024, featuring the 16th Annual NGS & Clinical Diagnostics Congress, 12th Annual Single Cell & Spatial Analysis Congress and 6th Annual Digital PCR & Liquid Biopsies Congress and CRISPR-Based Medicine Congress

16th Annual Next Generation Sequencing & Clinical Diagnostics Congress

An intensive meeting with presentations from industry-leading researchers on the latest innovations in clinical genomics, multi omics, clinical diagnostics & omics bioinformatics. This must attend event will discuss the current state of the industry, looking at innovations in diagnostics development, clinical genomics, multi omics data analysis, integration & harmonisation. From new and exciting technologies to the latest in products & services, our conference will bring together leading research institutions & companies for engaging discussions, knowledge sharing and focused networking.

  • Gain a forward-looking perspective on the potential applications of genomic technologies in healthcare, with presentations from NHS leaders discussing the clinical implementation of genomic medicine in midwifery, diagnostics, and histopathology
  • Benefit from our brand-new multi-omics focus day which will delve into some of the most exciting industry trends, from microbiome profiling to cell therapy and infectious disease
  • Advance your understanding of bioinformatic innovation with two tracks dedicated to the most pressing challenges of multi-omic data integration, harmonisation, and analytics across spatial, single cell, and NGS technologies
  • Engage with our interactive programme with sessions covering key topic areas including Progress on Pangenomes, Ethical Implications of Screening Technologies, & Multi-Omics for Precision Medicine in Cancer
  • Hear from industry leaders on how multi-omics techniques are being integrated into pharmaceutical R&D with insights from Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, DermBoint, Eli Lilly, and more!

Agenda at a Glance

Day One | Track 1: Single Cell Proteomic Techniques, Technologies & Approaches

Day One | Track 2: Bioinformatics Approaches, Methodologies & Technologies

Day One | Track 3: Leveraging Multi-Omics in Precision Medicine in Pharma

Day One | Track 4: Optimising Cell Therapies with Multi-Omics Approaches

Day One | Track 5: Multi-Omics Approaches in Microbiome Profiling & Analysis

Day Two | Track 1: Clinical Genomics

Day Two | Track 2: Multi Omic Data Integration, Harmonisation & Analytics

Day Three | Track 1: NGS Applications in the Clinic for Diagnostics Development

Day Three | Track 2: Diagnostics & Multi-Omics Approaches in Non-Infectious Diseases

12th Annual Single Cell & Spatial Analysis UK Congress

This focused event brings together leading single cell analysis and spatial biology experts for 2-days of cutting-edge discussions, engaging roundtables, topical panel discussions, in-depth workshops, and high-level presentations covering the latest emerging tools, technologies, applications, and case studies. From new insights to the latest products and services, join us to cover topical bioinformatics updates & clinical development success stories. 

  • Gain new insights into how spatial technologies could be utilised in the clinic, with presentations exploring potential applications, new analytical methods, and the barriers to accelerating clinical development
  • Benefit from dedicated spaces for the discussion of various omics types in single cell analysis with curated sessions to explore genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics
  • Develop your understanding of the potential applications of single cell omics in human health from wound healing to precision diagnostics, neurodegenerative disease and population dynamics
  • Engage with our interactive programme with sessions delving into key topic areas including Single Cell Proteomic Technologies, The Intersection of Digital Pathology & Spatial Biology, and Integrating Single Cell & Spatial Technologies
  • Hear from the leading innovators in spatial technologies and bioinformatics from some of the world's leading academic and healthcare institutions including the NHS, the University of Oxford, Queen’s University Belfast, and McGill University

Agenda at a Glance

Day Two | Track 1: Moving Towards the Use of Spatial Technologies in the Clinic

Day Two | Track 2: Emerging Technologies & Tools In Single Cell Analysis

Day Three | Track 1: Applications of Spatial Technologies & Bioinformatics

Day Three | Track 2: Applications of Single Cell Omics in Humans 

6th Annual Digital PCR & Liquid Biopsies Congress Congress

An intensive two-day meeting that will delve into the latest advancements in, and applications of, digital PCR technologies from integration to the utilisation of liquid biopsies in the management, detection, and treatment of cancer. Bringing together like-minded experts and facilitating meaningful collaborations & partnerships in the field, this is the event to attend & join representatives from leading academic & research institutions and organisations to stay at the forefront of research.

  • Hear from and meet with the key innovators in digital PCR & liquid biopsies. 2023 attendees included: Principal Investigator, World Health Organisation; Head of Molecular & Cellular Biology, MRC Harwell; and Associate Professor, Ghent University
  • Explore the growing role of digital PCR in microbiology with sessions looking into the detection of infectious disease, anti-microbial resistance, and microbial quantification
  • Discover collaborative solutions to Digital PCR advances, applications, integration & implementation. This focused event brings together key opinion leaders to discuss quality control of digital PCR assays and platforms, and optimisation of dPCR protocols to enhance diagnostic throughput
  • Discuss the latest innovations in liquid biopsies. Presentations will delve into integrating liquid biopsies into clinical development, liquid biopsy workflows and advances in analysing cell-free DNA, CTCs, cell-free RNA, micro-RNAs

Agenda at a Glance

Day One | Track 5: Digital PCR for Disease Detection, Diagnosis, and Monitoring

Day Two | Track 5: Liquid Biopsies for Early Detection, Diagnosis & Disease Monitoring

CRISPR-based Medicine Congress

An intensive two-day meeting where groundbreaking advancements meet pioneering minds. From refined detection techniques to tailored delivery methods like viral vectors and nanoparticles, key opinion leaders will be exploring the tools driving CRISPR-based medicine forward. Discussions will also delve into the integration of CRISPR-based functional genomics in drug discovery, unveiling advanced screening approaches, novel therapeutic target identification, and the synergy with omics-based strategies. Bringing together like-minded experts representing academic institutions and pharmaceutical & biotech companies, the event serves as a platform to facilitate meaningful collaborations & partnerships in the field to stay abreast of current industry trends & challenges.  

  • Hear from and meet with the key innovators in CRISPR-based medicine. Join key opinion leaders from academic & research institutions as well as pharma & biotech companies to explore CRISPR-based medicine development – tools, delivery approaches and CRISPR & functional genomics based drug discovery  
  • Explore targeted delivery approaches and choosing the right genome editing approach whilst also taking a deep dive into gene editing of human iPSCs & the improvement of therapeutics with CRISPR technology  
  • Discover collaborative solutions to CRISPR-based functional approaches in drug discovery. Pharma leaders will be covering advances in screening approaches, functional genomics in disease modelling and identification and characterisation of novel therapeutic targets 
  • Discuss the latest innovations in CRISPR-based medicine. Presentations will be covering large-scale functional genomic screens for target discovery, precision gene editing and CRISPR methods for genetic screens 

Agenda at a Glance

Day One | Track 6 - CRISPR-based Medicine Development: Tools & Delivery

Day Two | Track 6 - CRISPR and Functional Genomics Based Drug Discovery 


Highly relevant attendees which were encouraged to engage with vendors. I felt supported throughput the entire process.

Technical Account Manager


Really well organised event with a very supportive, present and friendly Oxford Global team.

Sales Specialist- UK, IR & Nordics



Well organised with a good audience. Nice set up area for exhibitors.

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Fantastic conference, the Oxford Global staff are great.

Sales Manager UK and Ireland


What to Expect


leading pharma, biotech, & academic delegates

hours of presentations, discussions & interactive content
hours of networking breaks, including speed networking & refreshments
hours of pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings, facilitating business growth
What to Expect Engaging Thought Leadership
What to Expect Global Technological Showcase
What to Expect Networking Emphasis
What to Expect Innovative Poster Displays

Networking & knowledge-sharing is at the heart of what we do. Alongside the innovative programme, attendees can engage in a variety of event features and make the most of participation in a range of experiences

  • Engaging Thought Leadership

    Over 100 dynamic interactive discussions, roundtables, and presentations curated with insights from top industry leaders and experts
  • Global Technological Showcase

    An international exhibition showcasing cutting-edge technologies and services from leading providers in the scientific field.
  • Networking Emphasis

    Unparalleled networking opportunities, including speed networking sessions, a vibrant drinks reception, and informal gatherings to foster meaningful connections
  • Innovative Poster Displays

    Inspiring poster displays and presentations unveiling the latest breakthroughs from emerging biotech, pharma, and academic institutions

Companies Represented Include

Biotech Innovation & Collaboration

Inspiring Tomorrow's Breakthroughs: Unleashing Innovation & Collaboration in NextGen Omics Research, Development & Applications

Join engaging presentations featured in our innovation and collaboration tracks, inspiring growth and creating space for collaboration opportunities for all who attend. The core attendee mix includes early-stage and emerging biotech or (academic) spinoff companies developing their own platforms or technologies with fewer than 30 employees.  

The Innovation & Collaboration track will be comprising of 10-minute presentations and focused panel discussion sessions, encouraging networking, facilitating collaborations & showcasing emerging innovations in nextgen omics research, development & applications.

Featuring Attendees from Biotech and/or (Academic) Spinoff Companies Interested In: 

  • Seeking collaboration partners with pharma and solution providers 
  • Discovering new investment opportunities with pharma 
  • Learning about the latest industry trends & challenges  
  • Keeping updated with new innovations and technology solutions 
  • Showcasing their company profile to a targeted and engaged audience 

2024 Young Scientist Awards (YSA) for Best Poster Presentation

The NextGen Omics Young Scientist Awards include the best poster presentation award and are intended to honour an outstanding individual performance for a scientific work by a PhD student, PostDoc or early career scientist.

Please submit your poster presentation by no later than 25th September 2024 in the below categories:

  • NGS & Clinical Diagnostics
  • Single Cell & Spatial Analysis 
  • Precision Medicine
  • CRISPR Applications & Editing 
  • DPCR & Liquid Biopsies
  • Microbiome

  • Student (PhD), PostDoc or early career scientist under 35 years of age. Proof must be provided via an active student ID card or a copy of status
  • Applicants must be the first AND presenting author of the submitted paper and register for the meeting by 25th September 2024
  • ONLY ONE YSA submission per person will be accepted. If authors submit multiple abstracts for consideration for the YSA, only one abstract will be taken into consideration for the YSA

Applicants must follow the procedure as follows:

  1. Register and submit an abstract  using the registration link to the left on this page
  2. Once registered you will be provided with the online abstract submission form
  3. Prepare the poster or platform and present it (The poster presenter should be at the poster during all breaks.)
  4. The 3 winners with the highest scores will be announced at the drinks reception on the 23rd October 2024
  5. The winners’ 10-minute oral presentations will take place on the 24th October 2024.


Applicants must follow the procedure as follows:

  1. Register and submit an abstract by 25th September 2024 using the registration link to the left on this page
  2. Once registered you will be provided with the online abstract submission form
  3. Prepare the poster or platform and present it (The poster presenter should be at the poster during all breaks.)
  4. The 3 winners with the highest scores will be announced at the drinks reception on the 23rd October 2024
  5. The winners’ 10-minute oral presentations will take place on the 24th October 2024.

The platform or poster presentation will be evaluated by senior scientists (consisting of our speaking and steering group committee for the Omics series) on the basis of originality of the approach and quality of the work (e.g. appropriate methodology, interpretation of results, conclusiveness). All participants will receive the scoring and comments after the annual meeting via email.

The 3 winners receiving the highest scores will be announced at the drinks reception on the 23rd October 2024 and will be given a trophy as well as £1,000 contribution towards travel costs. Oxford Global will also provide winners with Omics PLUS Pass – 12 months access to Omics Series events and PLUS Pass online platform.

For further information contact

Meet Our Expert Speakers

NextGen Omics 2024 again brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative, data and industry outlooks.

Below are some of our featured speakers:

Bozena Kaminska
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
Harpreet Saini
Senior Director, Bioinformatics,
Astex Pharmaceuticals
Isabelle Bergiers
Senior Scientist,
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Luigi Aloia
Associate Director,
Michael Oellerich
Distinguished Research Professor of Clinical Chemistry,
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Michael Cook
Executive Director of Science,
Our Future Health
Nicolas Kuperwasser
Director - Gene Editing and Targeting Platform,
Institute Necker Enfants Malades (INEM)
Pedro Cutillas
Professor of Cell Signalling & Proteomics,
Queen Mary University of London
Robert Brucker
Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder,
Sophia Tsoka
Reader in Bioinformatics,
King's College London
Tootie Bueser
Director of Nursing & Midwifery,
Incisive Health, NHS
Xavier Duportet
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Eligo Bioscience
Ahmad Khodr
Head of the Microbiology Innovation Lab,
L'Oréal Research and Innovation
Aidan Nickerson
Discovery Data Scientist,
Eli Lilly
Aikaterini Gatsiou
Assistant Professor in RNA Immunology,
Lancaster University
Alain Wagner
Director of BioFunctional Chemistry Lab,
University of Strasbourg
Aleksandra Gruevska
Research Associate,
Imperial College London
Andrew Beggs
Professor of Cancer Genetics & Surgery,
University of Birmingham
Basel Abu- Jamous
Director of Computational Biology,
Nucleome Therapeutics
Benoit Coulombe
Director, Translational Proteomics Unit,
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal
Bernhard Schmierer
Head of the CRISPR Functional Genomics Unit,
Karolinska Institute
Bin Yan
Higher Scientist,
National Physical Laboratory
Christian Kolter
Associate Director & Senior Principal Data Scientist,
Christos Proukakis
Professor of Neurology and Neurogenetics,
University College London
Conceição Bettencourt
Senior Research Fellow,
University College London
Darren Hodgson
Executive Director,
David Simpson
Professor of Genomics,
Queen's University Belfast
Davide Danovi
Founder & CSO,
Migration Therapeutics
Dhavendra Kumar
Honorary Clinical Professor,
William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University London
Dianne Baunbaek
Diagnostics Lead,
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Dmitrii Degtev
Senior Scientist,
Douglas Drysdale
HGF Limited
Fiona Byrne
Principal Laboratory Research Scientist,
Francis Crick Institute
Frances Pearl
Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics,
Univeristy of Sussex
Gabriel Rosser
Lead Bioinformatics Data Scientist,
Benevolent AI
Gareth Williams
Partner, European Patent Attorney,
Marks & Clerk LLP
Gary Saunders
Director of Digital Transformation,
EATRIS, The European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine
George Hall
Research Fellow,
University College London
Graham Ball
Director of the MTRC,
Anglia Ruskin University
Graham Belfield
Director, NGS/Transcriptomics – Centre for Genomics Research,
Hannah Stark
Operations Lead,
Hanqing Liao
Senior Research Scientist,
Dundee University
Heiko Wurdak
Group leader,
University of Leeds
Henry Cope
Research Bioinformatician,
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Hywel Williams
Senior Lecturer,
Cardiff University
Ines Sequeira
Group Leader & Associate Professor,
Queen Mary University of London
Jan Lukas Robertus
Consultant Histopathologist and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer,
Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
Jan-Philipp Mallm
Principal Investigator,
Janet Shipley
Head of the Division of Molecular Pathology,
The Institute of Cancer Research
Jenna Cash
Principle Investigator,
University of Edinburgh
Joey Riepsaame
Head of Genome Engineering Oxford,
Centre for Medicines Discovery
John Parrington
Associate Professor In Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology,
University of Oxford
Jon Teague
Director of COSMIC,
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Katherine Green
Partner, Patent Attorney,
Mewburn Ellis
Kathy Stirrups
Samples Team Lead,
NIHR BioResource for Translational Research
Kedar Natarajan
Associate Professor & Group Leader,
Technical University of Denmark
Ken Chow
Health Tech Counsel,
Flanders Investment & Trade, Belgium Embassy (London)
Kulbhushan Sharma
Leader of Stem Cell Facility & Principal Investigator,
University of Oslo
Laura Rosenberg
Director, Discovery of Target Validation (Functional Genomics),
Leo Carlin
Group Leader,
University of Glasgow
Manos Karteris
Brunel University London
Marisa Vanheusden
Innovation Scientist,
Muna Therapeutics
Martin Thomsen
Principle Investigator,
Institute for Biomedicine, Aarhus University
Massimo Delledonne
Professor of Genetics,
University of Verona
Maté Ongenaert
Principal scientist,
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
Matthew Bottomley
Consultant Nephrologist & Research Group Lead,
Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford
Michael Rieger
Professor & Group Lead,
Goethe University of Frankfurt
Micol Falabella
Research Fellow,
University College London
Mohamed Abouelhoda
Professor & Chairman for Computational Sciences,
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
Nadia Fernandes
Research Associate,
Imperial College London
Nasrin Sarafan-Vasseur
Lead Scientist in Oncology,
University of Rouen
Naveed Ishaque
Group Leader for Computational Oncology,
Berlin Institute of Health at Charité University Hospital
Nicola McCarthy
Head of Research,
Milner Therapeutics Institute
Omer Bayraktar
Group Leader,
Sanger Institute
Pamela Pinzani
Associate Professor of Clinical Chemistry,
University of Florence
Patrick Descombes
Senior Expert & Group Leader in Genomics,
Pauline Scanlan
Lecturer & Group Leader,
University College Cork
Peter Freeman
Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences (Clinical Bioinformatics, Genomics),
University of Manchester
Philip Beer
Chief Scientific Officer,
Step Pharma
Raffaele Calogero
University of Turin
Richard Baird
Academic Consultant in Experimental Cancer Therapeutics,
The ALBORADA DDI, University of Cambridge
Rob Wolthuis
Associate Professor & Co-Manager of CRISPR Expertise Center,
Amsterdam UMC
Sergey Nikolaev
Group Lead,
Gustave Roussy
Shameer Khader
Executive Director, Precision Medicine & Computational Biology,
Shani Perera
Technical Specialist, Spatial Transcriptomics & Histology,
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Simon Haas
Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) at Charité & QMUL
Simon McDade
Reader | Lead genomics CTU,
Queen's University Belfast
Simona Giunta
Associate Professor,
Sapienza University of Rome
Stefano Indraccolo
Professor and Group Leader,
Stephanie Craig
Lecturer in Precision Medicine,
Queen's University Belfast
Stephen Hart
University College London
Stephen Taylor
Head of Integrative Computational Biology,
Oxford University
Sterenn Davis
Senior Principal Scientist,
Suresh Poovathingal
Head of Single Cell & Microfluidics Expertise Unit,
VIB KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research
Valerie Taly
CNRS Research Director & Group Leader,
University of Paris Descartes
Wei Wei
Associate Principal Scientist,
Merck US
Yara Elena Sanchez Corrales
Research Fellow,
Yasser Riazalhosseini
Associate Professor,
McGill University
Yuval Tabach
Hebrew university

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