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Drug Formulation

Freeze-Drying 2.0: Examining the Potential of Thin Film Freezing

TFF Pharmaceuticals and the Cleveland Clinic team up to advance multivalent influenza vaccine candidates into preclinical phases.
Drug Formulation

The Roadmap of ADC Formulation & Delivery: Achievements and Obstacles

Dive into the progress and challenges in Antibody-Drug Conjugates formulation and delivery for cancer treatment. We emphasize the advancements in targeting precision and efficacy, while discussing key development challenges like target selection, drug potency, and manufacturing complexities in this evolving oncology field.
Drug Formulation

Kurma Partners to Collaborate with Samsung Biologics for the Development and Manufacture of Biologics Drugs

Samsung Biologics will develop and manufacture drugs for Kurma’s portfolio companies, including by providing CMC drug development.
Drug Formulation

Interviewing Rishabh Tukra, Process Development Senior Scientist at Amgen

Before joining Amgen, Dr Tukra got his PhD from Purdue University in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy. While at Purdue he also worked at LyoHUB as an advisor and researcher in industrial and academic projects.
Drug Formulation

Achieving Faster Formulation of Solid Oral Dosage Forms for First-in-human Supplies Using Drug-in-capsule Approach

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly looking for approaches to shorten drug development timelines and save on cost, especially virtual biotech companies who rely heavily on key milestone payments. It is therefore imperative that new chemical entities can be quickly manufactured quickly into clinical drug products.
Drug Formulation

Almac Pharma Services

Tailor-made pharmaceutical development & commercial solutions.
Drug Formulation

Almac: Paediatric Drug Product Development Through to Commercialisation

How Almac developed a flexible paediatric dosage form using a robust manufacturing and filling process suitable for routine commercial manufacture.
Drug Formulation

Almac: Pharmaceutical Development

Specialising in solid oral dose formulations, 300,000ft² of drug product development footprint, multiple containment strategies for highly potent materials.
Drug Formulation

Aptar Pharma: Reliable Development, Reliable Effect

Aptar Pharma’s range of UDS (Unidose system) systems, particularly the UDS powder, is a proven, ready-to-use platform, providing a precise single dose via the nose quickly and easily.
Drug Formulation

Cell and Gene Therapies Analytical Development Services

CMC development support, characterisation, stability and quality control services.
Drug Formulation

Inhaled & Intranasal Biologic Drug Development

Contract drug development expertise to accelerate your inhaled biomolecule to market.

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