: Formulation & Drug Delivery

Formulation & Drug Delivery

October 2024 | San Diego, USA
6th Annual
Formulation & Drug Delivery US CongressOctober 2024 | San Diego, USA

Hear from leading experts in biologics & small molecule formulation development, drug delivery, utilisation of nanotechnology and advances in lyophilisation techniques.

Next Year's Event Includes...

Over 300 attendees representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies as well as internationally renowned academic organisations & research institutes

Over 50 case studies, presentations, panel discussions focused on the key issues in biologics, new modalities and small molecule formulation development, drug delivery and advances in lyophilisation, stability & characterisation

Maximise your event experience with exclusive interactive programme features such as workshops, panel discussions and roundtables, tapping into the priorities & challenges of drug formulation

This Year's Agenda at a Glance

Day One
  •  Overcoming bioavailability challenges
  •  Utilising novel excipients & addressing the
    regulatory challenges
  •  Novel formulation development for different routes
    of administrations
  •  AI/ML in formulation development
  • Formulation for complex dosage forms
  • Innovative delivery for biologics
  •  Long-acting injectable forms
  •  Novel delivery methods for fragile molecules
  •  New modalities delivery:
    » RNA
    » Oligos

Part 1: Stability & Characterisation

   » Aggregation, stability & characterization
   » Advanced analytical controls
   » Stability testing for novel therapeutics
   » In vivo and in vitro correlations

Part 2: Advanced Lyophilisation Technologies & Methods

   » Freeze-drying monitoring methods
   » Lyophilization cycle development innovations
   » Use cases in equipment utilisation
   » Exploring alternative drying techniques:
   * Spray drying
   * Precipitation
   * Vacuum-microwave dehydration

Day Two
  •  Formulation optimisation through the development
  •  Delivering therapies through the BBB; brain delivery
  • Complex release profiles & combination products
  •  Innovation in biologics formulation
  •  Challenges & new technologies in aiding drug
    » New Modalities: RNA, gene therapies
  •  Solid oral dose & high concentration biologics
  •  Combination products & devices