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A New Golden Age for Target Identification: Accessing the Novel Druggable Space with Discovery Proteomics

On-demand webinar presented by Mo Jain, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO, Sapient and Jonathan Usuka, PhD, MBA Chief Business Officer, Sapient. Sponsored by Sapient.

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Unite with the biomarkers and precision medicine industry and healthcare sectors with thought leaders across the UK, EU, and USA with our leading Biomarkers & Precision Medicine UK & US as well as Biomarkers & Precision Oncology EU congresses. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge scientific content – from online Monthly Science Exchanges, best practice e-symposiums to eBooks and landscape reports offering unparalleled opportunities in biomarkers innovation across the value chain of discovery, translation and clinical development. 

Resources & Announcements

23/07/24 - Results that show rugby players that have sustained multiple concussions present with markers of neurodegenerative disease development.
08/07/24 - The project will bring together life science institutions across European nations in the interest of expanding development of and access to advanced therapy medicinal products.
05/07/24 - On-demand webinar presented by Mo Jain, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO, Sapient and Jonathan Usuka, PhD, MBA Chief Business Officer, Sapient
26/06/24 - The global aging population means that rates of Alzheimer's disease are expected to reach 14 million patients by 2060, many of whom will experience psychosis.
11/06/24 - The first-of-its-kind trial presents a positive outlook for cancer types with historically poor survival rates.
27/05/24 - Understanding the interplay between the tumour microenvironment and immunometabolic states could unlock a wealth of therapeutic targets and biomarkers.
13/05/24 - A test that identifies Zika distinct from dengue could make a definite impact to expectant mothers and reproductive-age women that are at risk from the mosquito-borne disease.

Online Activities

10/09/24 | Science Exchange

The Role Of Digital Biomarkers And Other Digital Technologies In The Paying The Way Forward In Patient Treatment

Presented by Dylan Powells, Professor in Public Health & Innovation, University of Stirling
Planned for September 2024 | Science Exchange

Biomarkers Research For Neurodegenerative Diseases

Presented by Giovanna Lalli, Director of Strategy & Operations, LifeArc
Planned for October 2024 | Science Exchange

Multi- Omics Approaches To Biomarker Discovery

Planned for November 2024 | Science Exchange

The Use Of Liquid Biopsies For Early Diagnosis Of Cancer

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