08 - 09 September 2022 | London, UK
Sustainability in Pharma & Healthcare Congress08 - 09 September 2022 | London, UK
The inaugural event postulates current trends in the pharmaceutical industry in relation to environmental sustainability, how best to move toward carbon zero, keeping in mind environmental sustainability and delivering improved access to patient care

The programme brings together international pharmaceutical organisations and healthcare providers from around the globe to discuss and cooperate on carbon zero and sustainability targets. Join over 150 leaders in sustainability, global supply, procurement, sustainable medicines and climate policy in this unmissable In-Person event.

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Benefits to Attending...

  • Hear from and meet with the leading figures in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry that are implementing and supporting programs to achieve carbon zero and sustainability targets.

  • Discuss and share through panel discussions on key challenges and areas in need of improvement to achieve carbon zero. Learn about building sustainable supply chains and promoting collaborative partnerships across regulatory, financial, policy advisory groups and healthcare providers. Investigate the Lessons from COP 26 meeting and the role the industry can play in adoption of carbon zero.

  • Discover practices to improve the sustainability of clinical trials, patient care, reduce emissions and develop greener pharmaceuticals. Interact with fellow attendees and speakers during the live Q&As, taking place across the day.

  • Explore how organisations are tackling and achieving sustainability targets with the use of digital health, new delivery systems/devices and patient access. Gain focused insights into the challenges of delivering sustainable health in the UK and Europe.  

Agenda at a Glance

Day One:
Sustainability In Pharma

  • Demystifying the carbon targets, carbon zero, carbon negative and net zero targets
  • What are the barriers to achieving carbon zero in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sectors?
  • Working towards a responsible model of consumption and production in a carbon neutral environment
  • Best practices in achieving sustainability by monitoring environmental performance, whilst minimising emissions and exposure to chemical substances.
  • The role of natural resources (e.g. hydrogen) in transitioning to carbon zero
  • Implementing “green” IT practices designed to lower costs, improve sustainability, and reduce energy consumption in data centers
  • Optimise supply chain and procurement and incentivise partners to create a sustainable supply value chain
  • Panel Discussion I
    Lessons from COP 26 meeting- What would be the role of the pharma and healthcare institutions and what can these parties and stakeholders do to address challenges in the adoption of carbon zero?

  • Panel Discussion II
    Delivering Health in UK and Europe in the Sustainability Context

  • Panel discussion III
    Benchmarking Sustainability In Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Workshop
    Sustainability in Supply Chain and Procurement

Day Two:
Sustainability in Health/Healthcare

  • Sustainability in drug development – developing “Greener” pharmaceuticals – definition of greener pharmaceuticals and APIs and general minerals
  • Sustainability in Clinical Trials and Patient Access– improving accessibility of clinical trials and development, including diversity in clinical trials, ethnicity, GHG clinical trials
  • Delivering patient care and building sustainability practices into the development of drug new delivery systems/devices- implications on precision medicine and reduction of waste
  • Delivering patient outcomes and precision medicine
  • Partnership practices- working with patients and implications on digital health as well as disease prevention strategies and intervention practices
  • Sustainability healthcare coalition and improving standards of patient care with respiratory and chronic diseases
  • Carbon zero and Healthcare Estates, challenges in developing existing infrastructure 
  • Panel Discussion I
    Ways in which to collaborate & establishing partnerships with regulatory, financial, policy advisory groups and healthcare providers
  • Panel Discussion II
    Delivering patient care and building sustainability practices

Confirmed Speakers

The congress brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry perspectives

France Bourgouin

France Bourgouin

Director, Global Sustainability, LEO Pharma, Denmark

Steve Hoare

Steve Hoare

Quality, Regulatory Science & Safety Policy Director, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Courtney Soulsby

Courtney Soulsby

Global Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector, BSI
jim davoux

Jim Davoux

Director, Global Energy Management & Environmental Sustainability, AbbVie, USA

Ian Milimo

Ian Milimo

Programme Specialist, Bureau for Policy & Programme Support, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub

Nazneed Rahman

Nazneen Rahman

Director, Sustainable Medicines Partnership

Frank Swinton

Frank Swinton

Anaesthetist & Sustainability Lead, West Yorkshire & Harrogate NHS Trust

Fiona Adshead

Fiona Adshead

Chair, Sustainable Healthcare Coalition

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Full details for Sustainability in Pharma & Healthcare Congress, including presentations, topic areas and confirmed speakers, can be found in the Conference Brochure.

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