June 2024 | Boston, USA
RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US 2024
June 2024 | Boston, USA

Gain invaluable insights into the latest formulation, design & delivery of RNA therapeutics. Key opinion leaders will be addressing novel mRNA structures, therapeutic case studies and advanced delivery strategies for RNA. 

Across four in-depth sessions the latest improvements pushing the industry forward will be addressed: from stability & clinical manufacturing, RNA computational design approaches, through to case studies & recent developments in RNA delivery platforms. Stay at the forefront of the growing interest in this area and hear case studies from the applications of RNAs in therapeutics and delivery challenges & future opportunities.

3rd Annual RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US Congress

Benefits of attending RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US 2024...

  • 250+ attendees & 35+ presentations  
  • A two-day event packed with leading speakers, research and cutting-edge presentations on the latest innovations in RNA formulation & CMC: presentations will delve into nanoparticle-based formulations, particle characterisation, purification methods and clinical manufacturing updates    
  • Discover collaborative solutions to next generation RNA structures & design, and insights into novel technologies. Presentations will tap into AI/ML and computational-assisted design approaches for siRNA and mRNA, formulation design for optimal delivery, and novel technologies   
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of siRNA, mRNA and antisense drug delivery. From the latest developments in delivery modalities through to novel delivering approaches & technologies, and tissue & cell targeting 
  • Join us for interactive panel discussions, roundtables & workshopswith like-minded experts  on  ‘Optimising RNA Formulation Development’, RNA Therapeutics: Current State & Future Direction’, Opportunities And Challenges For Next Generation RNA Technologies And Non-Viral Delivery Systems, and many more!  

Agenda at a Glance

Day One

  • Nanoparticles/liposomes/exosomes-based formulations 
  • Overcoming challenges in mRNA and particle characterization 
  • Analytical & purification methods
  • Stability & clinical manufacturing (CMC)
  • Optimising vaccine formulation
  • Formulating RNA modalities
  • AI/ML & computational-assisted design approaches for siRNA and mRNA 
  • Designing RNA:
       » Structural characterisation
       » Formulation design for optimal delivery
       » Software tools & design practices
  • Novel technologies:  
       » Circular RNA 
       » Advances in mRNA technology 

Day Two 

  • Latest developments in delivery modalities:
  • Tissue & cell targeting 
  • Novel modes & platforms for delivery 
  • Developing RNA technologies 
  • Alternative delivery approaches: 
       » Oral delivery of oligos  
  • Therapeutic case studies:  
    Cardiovascular diseases
    Infectious & viral diseases 
       » Neurodegenerative diseases 

       » Pulmonary diseases 

       » Genetic disorders & medicines 
  • Bioanalysis for oligos

Key Speakers

The 2024 event again brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry outlook.

Below were some of the confirmed speakers for RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US 2023

Director, Product Development
Executive Director
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School
Vice President, Platform and Discovery Sciences Biology
Wave Life Sciences
Principal Scientist, Formulations
Director of Chemistry

Event Features​

Networking & knowledge-sharing is at the heart of what we do. Alongside the innovative programme, attendees can engage in a variety of event features and make the most of participation in a range of on-site experiences.

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Networking Drinks

Relax after a busy first day at the event with access to the vibrant drinks reception

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