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In Conversation With… Fan Zhang, Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado

Edited by Ben Norris |
10 October 2023
Here, we speak to Fan Zhang, Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, about the applications of computational biology in studying disease behaviour.

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Speaker Biographies

Dr. Zhang is a Computational Biologist focusing on developing and using statistical machine learning methods, cutting-edge single-cell multi-omics, and systems immunology approaches to study inflammatory disease pathogenesis. Dr. Zhang joined the faculty at CU Anschutz in January, 2022, and started her Computational and Systems Immunology Lab in the Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, and also the newly built Center for Health AI. 

Dr. Zhang also has close connections with the Interdisciplinary Joint Biology Program (IJBP). Dr. Zhang and her lab aims to bridge the gap between multidisciplines including computational and statistical methodologies, inflammatory diseases, and translational medicine. Dr. Zhang has generated multiple deep collaborations with immunologists, rheumatologists, and clinicians in the past ten years. She and her lab believe in collaborations, encourage sharing, promote diversity, and maintaining scientific integrity to pursue high-quality science for translational medicine.

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