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Immunostimulatory Oncolytic Viruses: Interview with Angelica Loskog, CEO, Lokon Pharma

Edited by Tom Cohen |
14 November 2023
Diving deep into Lokon Pharma's immunostimulatory oncolytic virus programme. Learn about their LOAd platform, transition to the clinic, and more.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Angelica Loskog, Professor of Immunotherapy at Uppsala University in Sweden and the CEO of Lokon Pharma, a cutting-edge immunotherapy company making strides in the field. As a leader in the realm of oncolytic viruses and immunostimulatory gene therapy, Professor Loskog shared valuable insights into Lokon Pharma’s groundbreaking work.


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Speaker Biographies

Angelica has over 20 years immune oncology experience (Uppsala University and Baylor College of Medicine). She has a PhD in Medical Sciences from Uppsala University and is currently adjunct as a Professor of immunotherapy. She is an advisor to NEXTTOBE and is a board member of several of their portfolio companies.

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