Oxford Global’s R&D Key 40 Stories 2022

24 October 2022
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We are pleased to share with you selected highlights from Oxford Global’s content portfolios that we have been building over the past few years. In this ebook, a culmination of our efforts, we are delighted to present a variety of the most successful and widely read pieces we have released on our Biologics portal, providing you with invaluable insights into innovative biotherapeutic modalities & developments in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, through to the impact of AI/ML in biologics drug discovery.

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While bispecific antibodies target two specific entities, multispecific antibodies can target more than two. The use of these engineered antibodies offers the potential for enhanced therapeutic strategies by simultaneously addressing multiple aspects of a disease.
16 November 2023
Industry Spotlight
Advancements in cytokine understanding and synthetic immunology enable precise immune modulation, particularly in cancer treatment. However, challenges like short half-lives and side effects impact their wider clinical application.
13 November 2023

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