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Array Insights Launches a Data Federation Platform to Help Advance Collaborative Health Research

Edited by Cara Digby-Patel |
14 September 2023
Pharma data company Array Insights has launched a cutting-edge data federation platform to enable patient-focused organisations to securely access and share patient data for collaborative healthcare research while prioritising patient privacy.

Clinical breakthroughs in the medical field are often driven by the wealth of patient data available for research.  

However, accessing valuable patient data sets while ensuring patient privacy remains intact has been a challenging task.  

Array Insights, formerly known as Secure AI Labs (SAIL), has risen to address this issue and has unveiled its cutting-edge data federation platform.  

The platform aims to assist patient-focused organisations in gathering, managing, and sharing patient data securely, fostering more representative and collaborative healthcare research. 

Researchers stand to gain profound insights from this data while prioritising patient privacy, the interests of hospitals, and all involved stakeholders. 

Array Insights takes a unique approach to protect patient data, employing a patient-centric AI technology that utilises machine learning and analytics on federated data.  

This ensures that patient data remains contained and that all data usage is loggable and auditable by the respective patient-focused organization.  

Data Loggability: Action Points for Array Insights 

Researchers can perform queries on patient data sets without the risk of unauthorised data copying, emailing, forwarding, downloading, or ending up on unauthorised servers.  

This sets Array Insights apart from data brokers who often sell de-identified patient data, which may still be vulnerable to re-identification and misuse by third parties for profit. 

Prominent patient advocacy groups (PAGs) and non-profits, including the Kidney Cancer Association (KCA), Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN), and Fatty Liver Foundation (FLF), have already partnered with Array Insights to establish clinical data federations.  

These collaborations demonstrate the growing demand for innovative solutions that preserve patient privacy while facilitating research breakthroughs. 

The company’s recent achievement of raising $4.7 million in Seed funding in late 2022 underscores the growing interest and investment in Array Insights’ mission. 

The launch of Array Insights’ data federation platform marks a promising step forward in the field of collaborative health research.  

By prioritizing patient privacy and employing innovative AI technology, the company has set a new standard for secure data sharing and analysis. 

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