Introducing the Plus Pass

Your Gateway to a Year of Unparalleled Knowledge-Sharing, Curated Experiences, and Global Networking!

Welcome to the future of life sciences engagement!

Introducing the PLUS Pass – your exclusive 12-month, all-access gateway to over 40 prestigious events hosted annually across the UK, Europe, and the US.

Tailored for experts, thought-leaders, and scientists from global pharma & biotech, the PLUS Pass not only grants you entry to our curated event experiences but also offers boundless knowledge sharing through our robust PLUS Platform. Immerse yourself in a wealth of on-demand event recordings, content articles, and industry news, while engaging in thought-provoking exclusive webinars and stimulating group discussions each month. 

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The Oxford Global PLUS Pass gives you:

PLUS Passes are unavailable to service and solution providers/vendor companies

Access to the PLUS Platform

Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of knowledge with our extensive library of on-demand content, our Monthly Science Exchange discussions and exclusive guest speaker sessions.

Discover a wealth of seminars, workshops, and presentations led by industry experts, covering a wide range of cutting-edge topics. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, stay up to date with industry trends, or delve into a new field, our content library has something for everyone. Unleash your curiosity and explore a world of limitless learning possibilities.

Access to all Oxford Global Events

Embark on an enriching journey with Oxford Global’s PLUS Pass and be a part of our exciting lineup of events.

As a PLUS Pass Holder, you’ll gain exclusive access to 12 months of-person gatherings, virtual conferences, insightful panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of learning, connect with industry experts, and expand your professional network. Join us for inspiring events that foster collaboration, spark innovation, and empower your personal and career growth. Don’t miss out on these valuable opportunities – be a part of the PLUS Pass community and join us at our upcoming events.

In-Person Conference Networking
In-Person Conference Roundtable

A thriving, supportive community of peers

Connect, collaborate, and grow with our vibrant community of like-minded professionals.

The PLUS Pass grants you access to a thriving network of individuals who are passionate about learning and making a difference. Engage in lively discussions, share valuable insights, and collaborate with peers who share your interests.

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