: Pharma Data

Pharma Data

11 - 12 September 2023 | London, UK
Pharma Data
11 - 12 September 2023 | London, UK

Showcasing the latest in digital transformation, unlocking FAIR data’s full potential, AI/ML applications & integration with data, lab analytics, data management platforms and innovations in computational biology

Pharma Data Congress

Benefits to Attending

Over 300 attendees representing global pharmaceutical organizations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions.

Over 45 case studies, presentations, panel discussions focused on innovations in maximising FAIR data, AI/ML applications, lab analytics, data management platforms and innovations in computational biology

Maximise your event experience with exclusive interactive programme features such as workshops, panel discussions and roundtables, tapping into the priorities & challenges of the wider sequencing & clinical genomics market  

This Year's Agenda at a Glance

  • Setting up standard for FAIR
  • Outcomes of FAIR & overcoming implementation challenges
  • Moving towards a more FAIR-data oriented environment
  • Metadata – importance of generating metadata & applications
  • Data standardization and harmonization
  • Advancing the development of RWE/RWD generation
  • Data integration to support infrastructure
  • Implementation strategies
  • Defining the workflows
  • AI/ML applications, strategies & approaches

        » Advanced analytics  platforms
        » Advanced tools & techniques: Knowledge graphs, Deep & future learning
     » Challenges around interpretability of ML results
»Measuring the success of AI/ML technologies 


Part 1: Increasing Data Capture & Digitalisation In The Lab of the Future

  • Virtual lab assistants and virtual notebooks
  • How to deal with legacy equipment and move forward
  • Going paperless: strategies & best practices
  • Remote monitoring/operation tools
  • Addressing cultural aspects –training & education

Part 2: Data Management & Data Automation in the Lab of the Future

  • Making data FAIR in the lab
  • Advanced automation & robotics tools & tech
  • Data standardization and governance in lab informatics
  • Advances in lab data use:
       » Tools for controlling equipment and collecting data
       » Tools for integrating, storing and communicating data
  • Scaling up data infrastructure
  • Virtualisation of existing systems
  • Data compression & storage platforms
  • Data Mesh
  • Workflow automation
  • Data sharing networks – challenges & opportunities
  • Data Governance
  • Data democratisation
  • Bioinformatics in in silico R&D
  • Integrating genomics with AI initiatives
  • Linking omics data to population data, clinical data, personalized medicine
  • Developing new therapeutics / diagnostics / prognostics – new digital therapeutics
  • Case studies from therapeutic areas and uses of data

Colocated with the inaugural Digital Medicine & Health Congress, covering advances in digital health technologies,
AI & diagnostics as well as digitising clinical trials & medicine