: 3rd Annual RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US Congress

3rd Annual RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US Congress

October 2024 | San Diego, USA
3rd Annual
RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US CongressOctober 2024 | San Diego, USA

Gain invaluable insights into the latest developments in RNA therapeutics and delivery. Engage with key opinion leaders to deliver the next
wave of RNA therapies for several therapeutic areas such as infectious disease or cardiovascular diseases.

Next Year's Event Includes...

Over 300 attendees representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies as well as internationally renowned academic organisations & research institutes

Over 50 case studies, presentations, panel discussions focused on the key issues in biologics, new modalities and small molecule formulation development, drug delivery and advances in lyophilisation, stability & characterisation

Maximise your event experience with exclusive interactive programme features such as workshops, panel discussions and roundtables, tapping into the priorities & challenges of drug formulation

This Year's Agenda at a Glance

Day One
  •  Nanoparticles/liposomes/exosomesbased
  •  Overcoming challenges in mRNA and
    particle characterisation
  •  Analytical & purification methods
  •  Stability & clinical manufacturing (CMC)
  •  Optimising vaccine formulation
  •  Formulating RNA modalities
  •  AI/ML & computational-assisted design
  •  Designing RNA:
       » Structural characterisation
       » Formulation design for optimal delivery
       » Software tools & design practices
  •  Novel technologies:
       » Circular RNA
       » Advances in mRNA technology
Day Two
  •  Latest developments in delivery
       » Viral
       » Non-viral
  • Tissue & Cell targeting
  •  Novel modes & platforms for delivery
  •  Developing RNA technologies
  •  Alternative delivery approaches:
       » Oral delivery of oligos
  •  Therapeutic case studies:
       » Cardiovascular diseases
       » Oncology
       » Infectious & viral diseases
       » Neurodegenerative diseases
       » Pulmonary diseases
       » Genetic disorders & medicines
  •  Bioanalysis for oligos